Grow your business

in Africa's largest markets

Expand into and across Africa

Hire Top African Talent

Partner with trusted local market Experts

Mitigate your risk to avoid failure

Succeed with your plans for Business Growth. Not Succeed with your expansion plan.

Whether you choose to expand your business into / across Africa OR decide to leverage the African Talent advantage, we’ve got you covered.

Partner with trusted local market Experts

We help multinationals enter into and expand their global footprints and effectively scale their operations across Africa. We will help you grow your business quickly, compliantly and reliably.
Under this model, we provide a vast array of services to companies seeking to enter into and expand across the African continent. These services include:
  • International PEO Services: We’ll manage your recruitment, payroll processes, compensation and benefits, compliance, and risk management to help you set up as a local entity.
  • Advisory: We collaborate to understand your unique business needs and customise compliant solutions to accelerate your international market penetration and business success.
  • Corporate Services: Our network of international partners help businesses establish foreign entities both quickly and compliantly.
  • Global Mobility: We provide seamless immigration assistance and support compliance with regulations in any country of interest across Africa.
  • Financial Services: We provide the tax and accounting services to support the success of your business entry or expansion.
  • Administrative Support / Logistics: We help you focus on your operations while we take care of your organisational process to ease the burden on the core of your business.

Grow with Top African Talent

We are your trusted and dependable partner with the capability to tap into Africa’s growing talent network to provide the best talent across the continent that will drive the goals of your business objectives.
With this model, we help you leverage African talent to grow the scope of your operations while simultaneously reducing cost, improving operational effectiveness and reducing your business risk via diversification. Specifically, we can provide you with:
  • Talent: Competent talents recruited, trained and hired by us to work as a trusted extension of your high-performing onshore/local teams. We will also fully manage the processes outsourced to us, including learning and development, quality assurance and compliance.
  • Technology: Relevant systems and a scalable cloud-based platform to facilitate seamless management of outsourced processes.
  • Assets: Dedicated and fit-for-purpose workspaces, hardware and software, network connection etc. Shared Services
  • Support: Access to support services such as IT support, facilities management, HR management, payroll, admin & logistics etc.
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Outsourcing is the engagement of a third party to perform a business function, and it typically covers the transfer of processes, people and assets to the third party