Eliminating Outsourcing Woes


Eliminating Outsourcing Woes


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What Were the Client’s Needs?

A leading bank in Nigeria was experiencing major frustrations with their primary employee outsourcing service provider.

  • There were major issues around poor quality of outsourced employees, unresponsiveness of the service provider, poor turnaround time in replacing exiting employees, and worse still there were issues with of non-compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • The organisation’s HR infrastructure and resources were overwhelmed with handling outsourced employee issues and complaints
  • Outsourced employees were disengaged and demotivated as they did not feel a sense of belonging.

How Did We Meet Them?

  • In helping the organisation, we ensured that there was no disruption in operations during the transition period.
  • We onboarded employees via our employee service portal and ensured all documentation and background checks were carried out to minimise potential risks from untrustworthy employees.
  • We further built a pool of employment-ready candidates, available to be deployed within 48 hours in the event that replacements were required.
  • We built a banking academy complete with a full bank branch simulation facility in Workforce premises to train and equip employees in areas like bank tellering, customer service delivery among others.
  • We ensured all outsourced employees deployed to the organisation had access to robust employee care across multiple channels like phone calls, email, online employee portal, mobile app and live chat.
  • We developed a career management framework that ensured outsourced employees could feel a sense of progress in their careers.

What Was the Impact?

  • The bank’s HR was totally freed up to focus on their core functions without having to worry about the quality of service given to outsourced employees
  • Outsourced employees are now engaged and attrition has reduced because of the success of employee engagement initiatives we deployed.

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