Take the Guesswork Out of your People Selection Decisions

People are widely regarded as the most valuable assets in any workplace. An organisation is only as successful as the skills, competencies, and capabilities of its workforce. Given that this is true, it is, therefore, detrimental to leave the selection of what could make or mar the progress of your organisation to chance.

Selecting a candidate or promoting an employee indiscriminately is an omen that portends no good either in the short-term or long-term. The danger of this is perceptible in many cases of a failed organisation whose mission were put into jeopardy as a result of a wrong hire or incompetent executive.

According to a 2018 study of global recruitment trends, 5 techniques have emerged to replace the traditional way of selecting talents. They are;

  •  Soft skills assessments
  •  Job auditions
  •  Meeting in casual settings
  •  Virtual reality assessments
  •  Video interviews

Underlying these techniques is the ability to identify the behaviours in an individual that align with the success profile of the role he/she is being considered for. People selection should, therefore, be a careful, deliberate and painstaking process that ensures only the very best fit in all ramifications make it into or are retained in your organisation.

The problem of hiring or promoting right is not just about the knowledge of the existence of the techniques, but it is in the dedication to the rigors and the processes that guarantee only the right talent is selected.

Many organisations neither have the manpower nor the time and techniques required to meet the standards of the 21st-century assessment and hiring process.

But there’s good news! Workforce Selection can take the headache off you. With the competencies we have developed and deployed over a decade which gives us a clearer view of talent and capability, we have earned a reputation as the one-stop shop for end-to-end recruitment and assessment services that supports all phases of the talent acquisition lifecycle.

Clients who have engaged our services have given feedback that they have:

  • Been more accurate in selecting the right candidates
  • Drastically cut down the turnaround time in selecting the right candidates
  • Justified their recruitment cost significantly
  • Ultimately experienced better employee productivity

Through our array of recruitment and assessment solutions, we provide support which guarantees that you get the best talents available to work in your organisation.

Eliminate the rigours of finding the right candidates for your entry level role.
We have invested the right amount of time and resources in creating a highly filtered pool of well-screened and employment-ready Talents.

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