5 Ways To Achieve Time Maximisation


5 Ways To Achieve Time Maximisation


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There is a constant struggle to maximize your time management and the seemingly ever elusive work-life balance. Every day, the average person is overwhelmed by the enormity of assignments and tasks they have to complete within a limited time. 

It’s even worse for a startup owner. More often than not, your days are characterised by sleepless nights, and as you go along, you’ll discover that it is imperative to find a way to get plenty done with the little time you have.

The concept of maximising time is not only important in building a model for your business and carrying out responsibilities, it also lays down the marker for how employees are expected to treat time.

People often talk about time management, but time cannot be managed as it is finite. Everyone on the planet has 24 hours a day. No more. Therefore, it’s how we spend our own allotted 24 hours that eventually determines if we will be regarded as a success or not. Time can only be maximised. It therefore means that it’s important that you know how to make the most of your time.

Here are a few tips to help you leverage the limited resource called time to the best of your ability;

  • Plan ahead: A to-do list or step-by-step plan of what you want to do before a new day begins gives you the much needed direction ahead of the day’s work. Apart from your daily schedule, prepare a weekly and monthly plan or schedule that will ensure your time is always spent productively.
  • Set specific time limits on meetings: We all know that meetings can drag on unnecessarily, putting paid to any plans of getting more out of the day. A good way to forestall this is to set and adhere strictly to time limits on meetings by drawing up an agenda and sticking to it.
  • Designate a period time for handling critical tasks: Some tasks require more time and attention than others, these tasks should be allotted a separate time in order to give them the attention they need.
  • Delegate: In a bid to achieve perfection, many business owners try to do it all alone. This is counter-productive at the end of the day. Learn to identify those tasks that do not necessarily need your attention, and then delegate them to competent hands.
  • Prioritize: Take on your tasks in order of their importance. It’s also important to identify those activities that require less time to accomplish and then do them right away to knock them off your to-do list. It will give you a sense of accomplishment before taking on more complicated, time-consuming tasks.

Always think of one significant thing you can do to accelerate your progress. It should be a game-changer; that thing that is capable of having a positive multiplier effect on every other area of your business.

The importance of maximizing time in time management cannot be overemphasized as all aspects of your life are hinged on how well you spend the limited resource of time.