Competency Modelling Project


Competency Modelling Project


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What Were the Client’s Needs?

A leading African Banking Group sought to build a high performance culture among employees in order to drive the achievement of its business strategy. The management of the retail banking division was convinced that the capacity of its workforce was underutilised since individual performance that impacted on the corporate performance was heavily skewed to just a few high performing individuals.

The challenge was to replicate excellence across a wider spread of the workforce in a way that would significantly corporate performance.


How Did We Meet Them?

We worked with the organisation to:

  • Conduct a diagnostic review through one-on-one interviews with individuals in key roles
  • Identify high performers and culture champions to be modelled across the organisation
  • Define a culture profile with behavioural competencies to fit into the recruitment and selection process
  • Develop learning interventions to build the right behaviours across employees in various roles
  • Provide handholding support in creating the training plan


What Was The Impact?

Within six months of the intervention, the organisation had achieved:

  • Improved quality of new hires with the right cultural fit
  • Learning interventions targeted at building the requisite behavioural competencies