Strategy Planning Workshop and HR Retreat


Strategy Planning Workshop and HR Retreat


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What Were the Client’s Needs?

As part of its business growth and expansion strategy, a leading telecommunications company needed to adopt a digital strategy which required radical review of its workforce strategy.  External realities confronting the organisation required it to be deliberate about the way it was positioned for the future.

Rapid developments within the technology space had rendered the existing people strategy ineffective in tackling the realities of the market.

How Did We Meet Them?

We worked with the HR Division to:

  • Define the external industry context and internal business strategy
  • Facilitate HR Strategy and Operational Planning Session
  • Develop an HR Strategy Implementation Roadmap
  • Articulate the implications for HR in driving the execution of the new organisation strategy
  • Develop a communique to the business, enumerating HR’s commitment towards realising the corporate strategy


What Was The Impact?

At the end of the intervention, we had helped the HR Division:

  • Develop a deep understanding of the organisation’s strategic objectives
  • Clearly articulate the core capabilities required to achieve the strategy
  • Develop action steps to help monitor and track the organisation’s transformation journey