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Outsource your learning department.
The CLPP helps you cost-effectively develop
employees in crucial functions.

The Problem

Learning budget keeps increasing, but yet it’s not delivering sustainable business results.

Except you have a large corporate academy and a very huge budget, most of the learning within your organisation is oftentimes fragmented and unlikely to achieve sustainable business results.

With our Corporate Learning Partnership Programme, we are an extension of your HR Department. Our well-packaged bouquet of 30 high-quality business-enabling & outcome-focused programmes provides an opportunity to cost-effectively develop employees in crucial functions across your organisation.

Why you should be part of our Corporate Learning
Partnership Programme?

The challenge is, except you have a large corporate academy team and a huge budget, most of the learning within your organisation is often fragmented and unlikely to deliver sustainable business results.

With our Corporate Learning Partnership Programme, we are Your Corporate Academy or an Extension of your HR Department

With our well packaged bouquet of high quality workshops, you have a chance to cost effectively develop employees across your business.

Our Corporate Learning Partnership Programme ensures your Learning & Development interventions are balanced, cross-functional and focused on areas of high impact.

Signing up is like having your own Corporate Learning Academy/ an extension of your HR Department, without the associated costs.

You have the opportunity of nominating up to 40 employees to participate in 30 high quality, well designed learning programmes targeted at meeting cross functional learning needs across your entire organisation.

You have your own Learning Management System with 24 pre-loaded e- learning courses.

You have access to the best-in-class subject matter experts as facilitators.

How the CLPP will be delivered?

Our programmes are highly practical; laden with case studies and scenario building activities. Participants will leave each programme fully equipped with required skills and knowledge to perform better at their jobs.

The method of facilitation is highly engaging, interactive, practice based and application focused.

All our 30 high quality programmes will be delivered in both halves of the year, enabling those who miss any of the sessions, participate in the next session when it is repeated in the next half of the year

Each programme is delivered using a combination
of the following:


Short Modules




Case Studies



Role plas

Role Plays


Group Excercise and Class Presentatons

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40% bulk discount on advertised rates
Complementary Learning Management System (LMS) with 24 pre- loaded courses
20% discount on training/meeting rooms or studio
The first 5 organisations to sign up will receive complementary Team Building Session (including a Team health Check Assessment – a structured method of analysing team effectiveness). or Complementary 1 day Strategy Session
Exclusive access to Workforce Group’s Top Talent graduate trainee day – (a highly curated selection programme designed to bridge the gap between employers and top talent)
Dedicated account manager who prioritizes understanding of your business inside-out – your objectives, customers, challenges and competition – and manages your end-to-end participation on the programme
Discounted rates on ‘All-Day HR’ – an all in one HR management solution and Application Tracking System
The option of sharing benefits with subsidiaries/sister organisations as well as extending benefits to partners along your organisation’s value chain
Priority access to Workforce Group’s events/conferences


Workplace Effectiveness

Sales & Marketing

General Management




Tech, Innovation & Enterpreneurship


Human Resources

Our Customized / In-Company Programmes

We also co-create customized learning and development solutions designed to build unique competencies, skills and behaviors that drive business performance and achieve maximum organisational impact.

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