ROI of Learning & Development Implementation Masterclass

ROI of Learning & Development Implementation Masterclass

by Workforce Group
ROI Masterclass with Bolaji Olagunju

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Despite its huge importance, measuring the ROI of Learning and Development intervention is paradoxical – everyone recognises its criticality yet most struggle with implementation. Every day, in countless numbers of well established organisations, anxious executives are  deeply concerned with justifying the huge expenditure on Employee Development initiatives to stakeholders.

For instance, CEOs are worried about justifying L&D spend to their boards. CFOs are convinced that the company is wasting valuable funds that can be put to better use, and nobody is convincing them otherwise. Chief Learning Officers and their reports are concerned about their careers and worried sick about how they will justify their relevance to the business. Even line managers are unhappy.

In our opinion, all concerns and agitations can be eliminated by organisations through the adoption and implementation of proven methodologies and approaches for measuring ROI of Learning and Development.

Our ROI of Learning and Development Measurement Masterclass is designed to equip delegates with the skills, knowledge, tools, frameworks and practical know-how of measuring ROI of L&D.  The workshop is a combination of over a decade of practical experience and expertise in consulting for organisations in the area of Development, and implementing frameworks for Measuring ROI 0f Learning and Development.

Key Takeaways from the Workshop

  • Delegates will leave this highly intensive and value-laden workshop with the confidence and know-how required to implement ROI process and framework in their organisation
  • They will experience hands-on practical interventions using case study videos, presentations, discussions, exercises, demonstration of techniques and project assignments to ensure that delegates get the best out of the session
  • Delegates will leave with a set of frameworks, tools and strategies they can apply upon return to their organisation.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction – ROI vs ROE
Module 2: Identify and Define Business Outcomes
Module 3: Instructional Design of Complete Learning Experience
Module 4: Competent Delivery of Intervention with Application Focus
Module 5: Initiate, Plan and Drive Learning Transfer
Module 6: Deploy Systems and On-going Performance Support
Module 7: Measure and Calculate ROI and Demonstrate the Results

Bolaji Olagunju is the CEO of Workforce Group and a leading HR Thought Leader.