Recruitment and Assessment

Recruitment and Assessment

by Workforce Group
Workforce Selection provides talent recruitment and assessments services throughout Nigeria. We have earned a reputation as a one-stop shop for end-to-end recruitment and assessment services that support all phases of the talent acquisition lifecycle.
We work with CEOs, Heads of HR and Talent Acquisition Managers to source, assess and identify the top talent that will help guarantee success for their organisations.
We provide integrated and outcome-focused solutions across the entire talent acquisition lifecycle
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Business and HR leaders look to us when they need:

  • Immediate access to a pool of pre-screened, quality and proven executives, managers and staff they can hire to help them achieve business success.
  • A competent Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner that can take the pain and chaos out of high-volume recruitment campaigns.
  • A trusted partner to provide an objective and scalable means of testing and assessing candidates using world class tools enabled by robust technology.
  • A proven partner to design, develop and administer assessment centre tools that can help provide higher levels of success in making data-driven hiring decisions.
  • A dependable service provider to help mitigate employment related reputational risks by verifying the claims of potential and current employees.

When our clients need immediate access to a pool of pre-screened, quality and proven executives, managers and staff that they can hire into their organisations to help them achieve business success, they come to us.

We are proud of our record of identifying, attracting and securing experienced professionals – from senior level management to board level executives. Over time, we have built a strong network of professionals in a variety of functions that we leverage in sourcing for high quality candidates to fill your vacancies.

We source for and select the most competent and qualified candidates. Our consultants use reliable methods to deliver seamless, workflow-driven talent sourcing and acquisition strategies that help you hire the right talent; quickly and effectively.

When our clients understand that an organisation is as productive as its people and they need a thorough and proven process to ensure they have the right people in their Workforce, without necessarily building an internal team dedicated to the function, they hand over their entire recruitment process to us.

They take advantage of our expertise to improve candidate response, decrease time-to-hire and manage specific hiring projects without distracting internal resources from focusing on other strategic talent management initiatives.

We significantly reduce the pressure and cost-per-hire for volume recruitment drives.

Organisations are increasingly proactive in their approach to senior level recruitment and Talent Acquisition. Rather than wait for a vacancy to occur before starting a search, many forward-looking organisations want to have information on hand on potential employees.

At Workforce Group, we carry out talent mapping services that help our clients identify and profile key executives and provide important market intelligence regarding their key roles. Our talent mapping solution is often focused on identifying key executives in competitors or other relevant market leading companies.

Through a combination of online research and telephone investigation, we assist our clients deliver a report that provide insights in such areas as:

  • The key executives in competitors or other interesting market leading companies
  • Readiness for career change
  • Nature of new challenges they are looking forward to
  • Their job roles and their reporting structures
  • Their career profile
  • Their educational and other qualifications
  • Other relevant information they might have
  • Their location
  • Length of stay in their current company/position, etc.

When it comes to objectivity in making hiring, promoting, or firing decisions, the quality of the instrument used, the fairness of the process and the quality of the assessors are three key determinants of success.

This is why at Workforce Group, we retain a pool of test-creation tools, world class assessment management systems and an experienced team of psychometricians, test writers, information technology experts, subject matter experts and quality assurance consultants to deliver outstanding value that support your strategic goals and objectives.

Our offerings include bespoke assessments tools, assessor capability training and advisory, ready-to-deploy assessment solutions, test centre provisioning and tests administration.

Some of our psychometric tools which are also available online include:

Numeric Reasoning Ability

This test consists of questions that assess a candidate’s understanding of the relationships between sets of numerical information. It is a good predictor of performance as well as an indicator of an individual’s ability to solve problems involving numbers.

Scenario-Based Test (Quantitative/ Logical Reasoning)

This instrument makes use of scenarios to test participants’ analytical ability and problem solving skills which they are expected to continue to develop and use as they proceed through their career.

It is a good predictor of performance as well as an indicator of an individual’s ability to solve problems

Verbal Reasoning Ability

This test consists of questions that assess candidates’ comprehension skills which they are expected to continue to use and develop as they proceed through their career. It’s designed to measure communication skills and the ability to extract and evaluate ideas from a variety of sources across job functions.

Critical Reasoning Ability

This test consists of questions that measure the ability to deduce or extrapolate conclusions by logical reasoning. It is a good predictor of occupational level and a useful indicator of the ability to understand complex issues to develop and make informed conclusions.

Graduate Dilemmas

Graduate Dilemmas offer an effective alternative to traditional psychometrics and competency based sifting tools with greater perceived job relevance. The test scenarios have been developed based on extensive research with over 30 graduate employers across a broad range of industries. The results are competency-based and can be easily mapped to the requirement of a specific graduate position.

Call Centre Dilemma

This tests call centre agents in a typical work setting. It is designed to check the knowledge and behavioural disposition of a call centre agent in different scenarios.

Customer Service Dilemma

Like the call  centre  dilemma,  the  customer  service  dilemma  is  a  situational  judgement  test  based  on  typical  customer  service scenario. It is a test of knowledge and behavioural response of a customer service agent to different scenarios. This is a good predictor of excellent performance on the customer service job.

Identity Personality Profile

The IPP is a multidimensional personality assessment that measures 36 personality traits. Scores for each trait are expressed as percentile rankings, and reflect how a person scored on that trait, relative to other test-takers.

The Resilience Questionnaire

The Resilience Questionnaire focuses on the aspects of an individual’s patterns of thinking, preferences and behaviour that affect their ability to respond positively to setbacks and challenges. The tool has a developmental focus, providing information about how each component of an individual’s resilience profile’ can be developed, as opposed to assessing whether an individual is resilient or not

Management Dilemma

Management Dilemma is suitable for assessing  first line  and  middle  manager  roles  and  takes  about 45 minutes to complete. The test measures an individual’s judgement and decision making skills in typical managerial scenarios, and then generates a comprehensive feedback report against four key competencies, each comprising two sub-categories.

Assessment & Development Centre Instruments

Our assessment instruments cover multiple work related competencies from entry level to executive management role. Please request our assessment centre exercise brochure here.

Virtual Assessment Centre

Virtual AC simulates an online desktop environment, enabling you to deliver highly immersive and interactive simulation exercises to select and develop your staff.

Using the Virtual AC platform, participants will be asked to respond to information and issues presented in a variety of formats, such as emails, video messages, voicemails, calendar items, documents and organisation charts. Exercises available on the Virtual AC Platform include inbox exercise, analytical exercise and ‘A Day in the Life exercise’