[Slideshare] Cracking The Leadership Influence Code.

Everyone desires to be a great leader…

People wish to be respected by their subordinates and colleagues, build trust and create value in their roles and across the organisation.

But how do you go about it? What codes do leaders need to crack to be successful?

In 2001, CISCO was battered by the massive downturn in the information technology sector. It reported a net loss of more than $US1 billion in 12 months. John Chambers, who had risen to CEO due to his leadership, influence, and dedication, worked so hard with his team to reinvent the company’s fortunes. He successfully cracked the leadership influence code, changed employees’ mentality, earned their respect, formed a collaborative approach, reversed the downward spiral, and increased revenues by 90% in 2002.

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is a more familiar name. Currently serving as Director-General of the World Trade Organisation, her leadership influence is seen in several spheres, including Economics, Environmental Sustainability, and Human Welfare. As the first woman and first African to lead the WTO and consistently listed among the world’s top influential people by global brands, many leaders desire to learn the leadership qualities that enable her to lead various teams in diverse settings and achieve success.

We can list some more influential names in this category; Winston Churchill, Peter Drucker etc.

The similarities between these leaders are not far-fetched. They cracked the Leadership Influence Code in their respective fields. They wore the shoes of their subordinates, colleagues and envisaged situations from their point of view or, as we put it, were in ‘their There’

As an aspiring leader, you need to know what influence is and, more importantly, how to gain it from others in pursuing a common goal – whether they be subordinates, people on the same level, or superiors. You need to crack the leadership influence code.

So, How do you crack this Leadership Influence Code and gain influence as a leader?

Over the last 17 years at Workforce Group, our leaders have worked with various leaders to help them decrypt the Leadership Influence Code. In this deck, we share the most effective strategies to successfully and consistently crack the leadership influence code.

As you prepare to take on greater leadership responsibilities, download this deck to learn how to influence your peers and create tremendous value that would have your name mentioned in conversations for years to come.

You can clip the slides that interest you or even download the entire presentation.

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