[Slideshare] Cracking the 'Conflict Management' Code

“A good manager doesn’t try to eliminate conflict; he tries to keep it from wasting the energies of his people. If you’re the boss and your people fight you openly when they think you are wrong--that’s healthy.”
Robert Townsend

Conflicts are a natural part of today’s work environment, so leaders and managers must understand when they arise and know how to resolve them.

Every employee wants to show how valuable they are to the success of their organisation. They want their voices heard and to be a part of decision-making. However, in doing so, differences in opinions and ideas that eventually lead to disputes with colleagues and other team members may occur.
Conflict management refers to the techniques or models you deploy to reduce the negative effect of a conflict and ensure a positive outcome for the parties involved. It is a critical management skill that involves using different approaches depending on the situation.

When a conflict is managed correctly, your organisation is able to minimise interpersonal issues, improve client satisfaction and produce better business outcomes.

Workplace conflict does not always mean there are certain employees at fault. You can have daring employees question the status quo to make changes that they feel will be positive for the organisation. This can indicate that your organisation has a high level of employee engagement.

When done correctly, conflict management can increase organisational learning through the questions asked during the process.

As a leader, what is your go-to conflict management model? Do you take the bird’s-eye view of a situation and apply the appropriate conflict management style to resolve it? In which situations should you apply each conflict management style to achieve the best results?

How do you Crack the Conflict Management Code?

At Workforce Group, we help leaders get the best out of their teams by building the best version of themselves. Our Leadership programmes prepare you to effectively handle the challenges of building a diverse and inclusive team.

Download this deck to learn how to manage the different situations that may arise in the work environment and how you can leverage it to see the value and gains for the organisation.

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