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Discover how easily you can Cut Down Inefficiency and Cost from your Assessment Centre

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Here are some of the advice we have given to our clients to effectively maximise the benefits the assessment centre brings to any selection process.

1. Consider Automating the administration
One way to automate the administration process of an assessment centre is by hosting it virtually knowing that an assessment centre is a methodology, not a place. Most organisations would at this stage opt for a face-to-face contact, but much of the administration can still be done remotely, virtually and/or automatically.

2. Cut Down on the Move-Around Time
A lot of time is unaccounted for or lost in transit during the administration of several activities in the assessment centre. This is one of the biggest causes of schedule slippage. The virtual approach naturally enhances efficiency, having participants stay in the same place for any one-to-one activity reduces movement time.

3. Alleviate the assessors’ workload
Another element of assessment centres easily overlooked is the workload. For the most part, the well-defined procedure would require a written summary of feedback following each activity given by the assessors, but their ability to deliver this quickly and to quality standards can often be inhibited by busy schedules.

4. Automate the scoring
Assessment centre scoring is commonly seen as open to bias because of the human element of interpreting observations from the simulations. Also it is the most time-consuming (and potentially expensive) duty of an assessor. However, both issues can be addressed with an online scoring system.

There are several other ways you can make your assessment centre more effective, these are just few tips. Get in touch with any of our consultants for complimentary advice on how you can make your assessment centre more effective.