Workforce Development is the leading provider of flexible and reliable Learning, Performance and Development solutions in the business environment. By leveraging innovative technologies, we deliver standardised and cost-effective learning interventions that bridge performance gaps and create measurable value for our clients.

We draw on the expertise of our experienced faculty of subject matter experts and specialists to collaborate with our clients and co-create solutions that confront their realities and meet their needs. Our researched-based approach to problem solving and solution engineering enables us to get to the root causes of ineffectiveness, and consequently focus the necessary interventions for effective resolution.

What makes Workforce Development unique?

Our uniqueness lies in our ability to define and incorporate the paradigms and practices that facilitate a high-performance culture. Through processes that are embedded in our proprietary 6Ds Problem Solving Framework (see below), we provide scalable solutions that advance the performance of individuals, teams and organisations, improve competencies and enhance overall return on investment (ROI).

6Ds Problem Solving Framework



This is where we ask the 2 critical questions: “What is going on here?” and “What are you trying to achieve?” We leverage our Effectiveness Audit Assessment Tools to provide insights on the real issues undermining our clients’ effectiveness or performance.



We invest time in analysing and categorising the root causes of the issues that are hindering effectiveness and performance. This enables us to successfully create workable solutions that are effective in addressing them.



We leverage our understanding of underlying causes to design solutions that help our clients Achieve (what they want but don’t have), Preserve (what they do want and already have), Avoid (what they don’t have and don’t want) and Eliminate (what they have now but don’t want).



We test the solutions in pilot programmes to ensure that they are robust, adequate and suitable.



We understand that implementation, and not just the creation of ideas, is the secret to success. We use our well-refined Action Planning and Execution Framework to deploy, monitor and ensure the desired aims of the project are achieved.



In the words of Harold Sydney Geneen, “In business, words are words; explanations are explanations, promises are promises, but only performance/result is reality.” We provide ongoing support, monitoring and evaluation to ensure the project delivers measurable results and meaningful impact.

Our Capabilities

Our suite of perception-expanding and competency-based workshops are facilitated by industry practitioners. We have been at the forefront of research, design, development and delivery of cutting-edge learning programmes for more than a decade and our programmes have been tested thoroughly and accepted as world class by the best in the business community. Our courses are designed to focus on the skills, knowledge and behaviours that enable individuals, teams and organisations perform excellently in unpredictable, complex and fast-changing environments.

We offer courses in the areas of Leadership, Management, Human Resource, Finance and Personal Productivity.

We work with our clients to develop online and blended e-learning solutions that are tailored to their proprietary needs. We provide bespoke e-learning content development or upgrade and enhance existing content using the best instructional design methodologies.

Research studies conducted by Aberdeen Group found that organisations that enjoy Best-in-Class performances share several characteristics, including a commitment to excellence in the quality, structure and effectiveness of their induction programs.

Our High Performance Induction Programs are designed to effectively and proactively engage new employees, accustom them to the organisation’s culture and adequately prepare them so that they hit the ground running. Our aim is to help you bridge any knowledge, skills and performance gaps as quickly and effectively as possible. We offer a full spectrum of crucial workplace competencies through our robust curriculums and application-focused trainings.

Our key offerings include:

  • Business Acumen
  • Workplace Effectiveness and Productivity
  • Internal Consulting Skills
  • Personal Leadership
  • Creativity and Decision-making
  • Business Writing and Communication

Workforce Development is a market leader in team building retreats and team development interventions. We design retreats that help organisations, from small businesses to large multinational corporations, build healthy and productive relationships between individuals and teams within the workplace.

We offer the following Team building and development interventions:

  • Team and Leadership Development for executive teams, management teams and projects teams
  • Retreat, Conference and Meeting based Team Building Events
  • Culture and People Development
  • Employee and Stakeholder Engagement Events
  • Team Motivation

We understand that there are learning interventions that some of our clients would prefer to deliver internally. This may be due to cost considerations, more adequate knowledge of subject matter or the need for organisation-specific learning interventions. Whatever the reason, we support your objectives by training, coaching and mentoring their internal trainers to deliver top-class learning interventions across their organisation.

We also develop training materials and course content such as Instructor’s guides, presentation slides, manuals etc. and provide accredited training certifications for Subject Matter Experts. We also develop bespoke or off-the-shelf training content to aid the design and delivery of your workshops.

Our key offerings include:

  • Complete Learning Files (Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word)
  • Detailed Learning Presentations & Participant Manuals
  • Detailed Leader or Facilitator’s guide
  • Post-course Action Plans For Participants
  • Training Icebreakers & Games
  • Training Guides
  • Pre-course Tests & Course Evaluation Forms
  • Training Videos (where applicable)

We facilitate seminars, conferences and events that feature renowned industry experts and senior level representatives from the world’s most successful and forward-thinking organisations. Our seminars and conferences, modelled after the leading events in the world, are designed to provide the best education available in the areas of Human Resources, Learning and Performance, Leadership and Human Capital Management.

Some of our upcoming events include:

  • HR Professional Development Conference
  • Learning and Performance Development Conference.

We offer Learning and Performance Consulting Services to organisations and professionals who want to optimise their existing structures and enhance the value obtained from their learning function.

We recognise that leadership effectiveness is crucial to organisational performance and continuity. We help you assess the effectiveness of the leaders in your organisation and support you in making the right changes to create sustained competitive advantage.

Our key offerings include:

  • Corporate Academy Conceptualisation, Design and Implementation
  • Competency Modelling and Framework Development
  • ROI of Learning and Development Measurement
  • Performance Improvement Solution Design and Implementation
  • Certification Programmes
  • Learning Technologies (eLearning, Gamification and Simulations)
  • Research and Development

Quick Facts

In the past 5 years, we have consistently been selected by leading local and multinational oil and gas companies as their partner of choice for High Performance Team Building Programmes.


Participants trained in business management and personal effectiveness skills.


Line managers empowered with effective leadership skills


Graduate trainees of leading organisations have completed our entry level induction programmes.