Workforce Resourcing Webinar Series:

Excelling as an Internal Recruiter

Webinar Synopsis

Organisations with the right people are the most consistent winners in any business environment. This fact is not lost on Internal Recruiters or Hiring Managers in most companies but in many cases, there seems to be little correlation between this knowledge and the type of people they end up hiring.
In a 2017 Harris Poll survey of 2257 hiring managers and HR professionals, 74% of them admitted that they have often made wrong hires.
The big question is why do smart and business-minded Recruiters or Hiring managers end up with wrong hires that place lids on the potential of their organization?
This webinar is designed to help recruiters and hiring managers answer this key question.

What You Will Learn

At the end of the webinar, participants would be equipped with the knowledge of:


Akin Afolabi

Akin Afolabi

With over 15 years leadership experience in top talent recruitment and assessment across all levels, Akindele is a highly competent assessment and recruitment specialist, who is certified by the British Psychology Society as a test administrator. He also has a professional membership with the European Test User.


Title: Excelling as an Internal Recruiter
Date: Thursday, 10th December
Time: 12 pm WAT
Duration: 1 hour

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