Get In The Zone At Zone Tech Park

Get In The Zone At Zone Tech Park

by Workforce Group

Get In The Zone At Zone Tech Park

by Workforce Group

by Workforce Group

As a startup owner, you desire inputs, ideas and suggestions that can turn your grand product into something even grander.

As a geek, you seek inspiration. Someone to spar with regarding computer-related tasks. You want to be around people who understand your need to stay abreast of the latest tech innovations with a view to creating something yourself.

As an investor, you’re looking to inject funds in a viable seed project or idea that will impact on humanity positively while generating good returns for you.

And as one who’s interested in tech and the myriad of opportunities it offers, you long for the kind of training that will transform you from a tech neophyte to a tech guru.

If you belong to any of the categories above, it’s time to be excited about the prospects of achieving your goals.

The Zone Tech Park was created with you in mind. The Zone Tech Park is the mother of all hubs. It is a nucleus for startup founders, businesses of varying types, technology drivers, and innovators. It is that melting pot, the evolving community where combustible ideas are generated, incubated and let loose to make a desired mark on humanity.

With a focus on education, job creation, venture building, and strategic enterprise support, The Zone Tech Park is poised to change the face of technology, business and entrepreneurship in these parts.

The park which is centrally located along the expressway in Gbagada takes everything into consideration when it comes to the lifestyle of the average techie. From uninterrupted Wifi access, to ergonomic seats, great lighting, well furnished rooms of different sizes, innovation hubs, a code academy, a business school, digital startup studio, research laboratory, kitchen, restaurant, lounge, food truck and an indoor sports facility.

Therefore, you can spend many hours ideating and brainstorming on a big idea in the studio or innovation hub, and afterwards, step into the coolness and soothing ambience of the lounge to take a breather while taking drink or enjoying the camaraderie you share with other members of the community.

As Nigeria’s economy continues to adjust to life after a rather long period of recession, top on everyone’s mind is what to do to ensure the nation never goes back to those dreary days when many lost their jobs and some could hardly afford a decent meal.

One sure way to diversify from the overexploited oil is to focus on more enduring sectors like Technology.

The Zone Tech Park is leading the way by providing an enabling environment for tech to thrive.

You should get in now. What are you waiting for?