Growing and Developing Corporate Leaders -

Growing and Developing Corporate Leaders

by Workforce Group

Growing and Developing Corporate Leaders

by Workforce Group

by Workforce Group

What Were the Client’s Needs?

A leading financial services provider had identified that its human capability development initiatives, geared towards developing sustainable management and leadership capacity, were not aligned with the overall strategic growth intent of the organisation. The implication of this was that, whilst significant funds were invested in training, there was no clear result or improvement in the quality of leadership across the organisation.

How Did We Meet Them?

Workforce partnered with the organisation to:

  • Revise the organisational competency model
  • Develop a leadership curriculum
  • Deliver training interventions in alignment with the desired cultural and brand aspirations
  • Provide an effective strategy formulation framework to aid strategic thinking amongst managers

What Was The Impact?

Within a year, we had helped the organisation achieve:

  • Improved leadership effectiveness of current and next generation leaders
  • Enhanced organisational productivity
  • A standardized framework for developing the employees of the organisation
  • Increased alignment of employee activities with the organisation’s strategic intent

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