Guide on Measuring ROI of Learning and Development

by Ugochukwu Anumiheoma

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Measuring ROI of Learning and Development

As a learning professional, you know deep down in your guts that demonstrating the ROI on learning and development initiatives is the most effective way to show top management in clear financial terms, the value of learning programmes.

This is because it answers the question; “For every Naira invested in learning, how much does the business get in return?”

Measuring ROI of learning and development

In spite of this understanding, a lot of learning professionals do not pursue measuring ROI due to  the following reasons:

💡 Lack of measurement culture in the organisation

💡 Learning managers often do not know where to start

💡 There is a lack of resources to calculate ROI

💡 The ROI process is too complicated and there is no discipline to follow through

💡 The fear that a negative ROI on learning and development initiative could cost them their job

This FREE guide will walk you through the steps on how you can accurately measure the ROI on learning and development.

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