The success of any organisation depends on the quality of talents driving the execution of its set objectives. Therefore, hiring the right candidate for a job and improving employees’ on-the-job performance are the most critical human relation deliverables for growing and maximising business profits.

However, finding, managing, and keeping the right people is by far the most demanding challenge executives face in our business environment. C-suite executives, Heads of HR, and Talent Acquisition Managers often struggle to source, assess, and select top talent to guarantee business success and maintain a competitive workforce.

Today, due to the shrinking workforce and shortage of highly-sought employability skills, it is even more critical for Business and HR leaders to consistently identify and recruit the right people on time and cost-effectively. When a company hires right, the positive impact on its fortune is unquantifiable. Unfortunately, the reverse is also the case when a company hires wrongly.

Drawing insights from our 16 years recruitment and assessment experience in Africa, we wrote the highly contextual and pragmatic book - Hiring Right - to help business owners and executives navigate the complexities of hiring the right people for their business reality.

Hiring Right: A Matter of Life and Death for Businesses, Business Owners and Executives, is a practical, from-the-trenches hiring manual that will help bulletproof your organisation against wrong hiring and its negative impact.

In this value-laden book, you will learn:

With dozens of case studies, practical and step-by-step advice, Hiring Right draws from over a decade of interactions with business leaders and HR consultants to provide a game-changing, easy-to-use reference manual that business owners and executives can implement to improve their hiring practices.

About the Author

Bolaji Olagunju is the Executive Chairman of Workforce Group, where he continues to help Workforce Group realise its vision of delivering innovative result-oriented business and human resource solutions to African Businesses. He also engages in coaching and mentoring the leadership team, advises on key strategic initiatives, drives high-level execution imperatives, and helps the company acquire the right to win in its Marketplace.

Bolaji and Workforce Group work with CEOs, Senior HR executives, Chief Learning Officers, Heads of Strategy, and leaders of large and medium scale organisations to improve people performance, build competitive advantage, create strategic partnerships, transform HR function and build the capabilities needed to win in the market space.