How does Outsourcing work?

How does Outsourcing work?

by Workforce Group

How does Outsourcing work?

by Workforce Group

by Workforce Group

Outsourcing is a practice many companies deploy to get top candidates without getting involved in the process of sourcing and selecting.

When an organisation needs employees, they contact an outsourcing company, state their needs, and entrust them with the task. Then, they can afford to sit back and relax, or rather, go ahead to focus their resources on their area of competency.

The outsourcing company sources, selects and trains candidates based on the client’s specifications to meet their workforce needs. Individuals and organisations opt for outsourcing to ease the burden and transfer the risk associated with carrying out certain functions and focus on their core competencies.

Workforce Outsourcing is a subsidiary of Workforce Group that has been in this business for over 10 years. With almost 7,000 outsourced employees, they deliver value-driven and sustainable solutions that support the business growth aspirations of their clients, and allows organisations focus on their core competencies.

The target customers cut across a wide range of industries, including financial institutions, the hospitality sector amongst others.

Workforce Outsourcing Strategic Business Unit was set up to cater to a growing need of businesses in Nigeria to reap economic, strategic, and operational benefits offered by outsourcing.

Many companies all over the world are adopting employee outsourcing in order to achieve greater organisational effectiveness, flexibility, improved efficiency, reduced overheads and a focused/strategic HR management function.

The ministry of outsourcing is a ministry of passion. If you are not passionate, you cannot deliver exceptional results to clients. In order to deliver the very best outsourcing services possible and add significant value to clients, Workforce Group carried out a landmark research to identify the Key Frustrations of companies in the area of employee outsourcing and what it takes to deliver exceptional outsourcing services. The following are the top 10 complaints the clients disclosed;

· Poor quality of outsourced staff

· Poor turnaround time of deploying staff

· Client’s HR staff practically doing Outsourcing firm’s job

· Non-Compliance with SLA

· Delay in salaries & remittance of statutory payments

· Poor Outsourced Staff Care /Management/Development

· Lack of Responsiveness /Follow Through on issues

· No standardised administration Process/SOP

· Not having Relevant Licenses/ HR Competencies

· Poor Performance Monitoring capabilities

Workforce Outsourcing’s strategic response is to design an Outsourcing Management Capabilities Scheme to eliminate these key frustrations of companies engaging outsourcing services providers.

Transitioning staff to an outsourcing service provider can be very disruptive to a client’s operations if not properly managed by a proven and experienced provider.

Apart from the risk of failing to achieve its intended strategic objective, severe business disruptions can quickly create organisation-wide internal and external customer service failures that may outweigh any financial savings achieved from the outsourcing process.

Workforce Group also offers Task Outsourcing solutions that cater to businesses and individuals who need to outsource tasks that are routine, require independent evaluation and reporting, or which can be executed more efficiently and cost effectively by an external partner.

Achieving this requires significantly more than a ‘lower cost’ delivery centre. It involves systematic planning and an executable business framework coupled with a culture of delivering excellence through a combination of people, process, and technology.