How Not To Recruit A C-Level Executive

by Ugochukwu Anumiheoma

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How Not to Recruit a C-Level Executive

There are certain dangerous practices an organisation can get away with and still survive. A wrong C-Level Executive hire is not one of them.

Most times, organisations guilty of not following a due process to hire senior executives have had to pay about five times the cost of the annual salary of the executive in cleaning up the recruitment error.


Apart from the huge costs associated with a wrong executive hire, team performance is another major casualty.

The performance of a business unit is often in correlation with the leadership style of a manager. Perhaps, this is the reason why it is said that many people don’t leave an organisation. They leave their manager.

Increased turnover, low morale, toxic environment, are some other insidious impacts of a wrong C-Level Executive hire which ultimately affects the organisation at large.

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