Leaders as Teachers -Turning Your Managers into Trainers -

Leaders as Teachers -Turning Your Managers into Trainers

by Workforce Group

Leaders as Teachers -Turning Your Managers into Trainers

by Workforce Group

by Workforce Group

A success-driven manager must possess the ability to train others; it is a core skill that depicts leadership.

Naturally, managers are mentors and coaches to their subordinates who meet them to glean insights they have accumulated through their years of work experience, success stories, and even setbacks.

It is paramount to the growth of the organisation for managers to take on formal training, not just for their own sake, but to increase their impact as leaders within the organisation.

Turn your managers into skilled trainers in the following ways:

Instil Teaching Skills: Not everyone is born with the core skills for teachingTrainings and workshops must be organised to instil managers’ knowledge and understanding of teaching skills such as adaptability, communication, imagination, mentoring patience, risk taking, and teamwork. This can be done online or face-to-face by involving a higher trainer.

Let the Managers Experience First-Hand TrainingBefore putting an individual in a new system, it is advisable to let them have a first-hand experience so they can learn the ropes and have the required capabilities to fulfil expectations. Therefore, before turning a manager into a trainer, he should have gone through the process of being a trainee under a trainer; preferably a senior executive in the organisation. This will ensure that the manager encounters most, if not all of the sectors of training. It will also give him an insight into proven methods of training.

Build Mentor/Mentee Relationships: When an employee joins an organisation, he should be handed over to a senior staff to begin a mentoringrelationship. It is the obligation of the mentor to pass crucial knowledge about the organisation’s business and culture to the mentee; information based on experience not research. This relationship will eventually develop into a partnership where the mentee can also impart knowledge to the mentor.

Encourage Learning and DevelopmentEncouraging the culture of learning and development determines the success of an organisation. It cannot be achieved if the employees do not have the support of their managers/leaders. E-learning is the best solution to this as it can be done at your desk during work hours without abandoning the work.

Reward the best trainersThe best trainers are undoubtedly the best managers as they have better business results and they should be rewarded with key positions in the organisation. This will encourage all members of staff to work harder and enforce teaching/training as an important skill for prospective managers.

Using your leaders as teachers and turning your managers into trainers is beneficial to every member of the workforce and the organisation as a whole.