Short Professional Courses - 2019 Open Programmes

Short Professional Courses - 2019 Open Programmes

by Workforce Group

Our Short Professional Courses in Leadership and Business

We offer turnkey short professional courses in Nigeria. These courses follow in-depth processes from leadership competency assessments to coaching and hand-holding that builds the skills, knowledge and confidence leaders need to succeed.

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Women in Leadership


2 Days April 10-12 ₦ 145,000 Societal and corporate norms often place women at a disadvantage in rising to leadership positions with a few who succeed in rising to leadership roles confronted with myriads of daunting challenges. This programme is tailored to equip the female professional with all it takes to break through the “glass ceiling” of corporate leadership and provide exceptional results in people and business management. View Course

Effective Coaching and Mentoring Skills

2 Days May 13-14
August 12-13
₦ 140,000 Coaching and mentoring are intensive approaches to working with individuals with the aim of facilitating professional and personal learning and encouraging self-responsibility. This workshop provides essential skills required for success through the development of a coaching style of leadership which entails how to develop your coaching skills in practice sessions, receive feedback from peers and build your vision for leadership. View Course

Leading Successful Organisational Change

2 Days July 8-9 ₦ 150,000 Disruptive technology advancement and globalisation are two of many factors that mandate ever-increasing rates of change by organisations across sectors and nations. This programme is designed to enable delegates to acquire competencies required to foster a changing culture and engender adaptability to change within their organisations. View Course

High-Performance Leadership Programme

2 Days June 27-28 ₦145,000 To deliver sustainable results to all stakeholders, business leaders need to create an environment that fosters high performance. This requires a proper understanding of the relationship between leadership styles and resultant behaviours. The High Performance Leadership Programme equips emerging leaders with tools and frameworks for creating value for all their stakeholders. The programme also provides a useful way of engaging high-potential managers and gives them the required tools to manage their careers and drive business performance. View Course
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Leading and Managing People for Exceptional Performance

3 Days June 12-14 ₦175,000 Managing a team can be very difficult and challenging. This interactive three-day programme will bring consistency in applying performance management within the business; helping managers and team leaders recognise their role and contribution in effectively managing performance and conduct at work. Participants will also learn to promote a culture of accountability and cooperation within their teams, get the skills to delegate and effectively manage conflict and align teams around a common vision to achieve personal and organisational objectives. View Course

Critical Thinking for Executives: Approaches to Decision Making and Problem Solving

2 Days Feb 21-22 ₦150,000 Critical thinking and systematic problem-solving skills are essential for any professional’s career. The new economy places increasing demands on flexible intellectual skills and the ability to analyse information and integrate diverse sources of knowledge in solving problems. This programme is designed to equip delegates with critical thinking skills, frameworks, principles, and tools for becoming creative and logical decision makers. View Course

Negotiating for Success: Strategies, Tools & Techniques

2 Days April 4th-5th
July 4th-5th
₦120,000 “It is crucial to achieving a win-win negotiation outcome so as to sustain productive customer relationships in an organisation.
Negotiating is a part of everyday life as we negotiate in our place of work, with our friends and even our family members.
In this two-day class, participants will be equipped with a range of successful negotiating techniques and how to effectively use them to achieve their key objectives”
View Course
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Effective Business Writing and Communication

2 Days March 7th-8th
August 8th-9th
₦105,000 High-impact business communication is the linchpin to productive work relationships in high-performance teams and organisations. This workshop develops an awareness of the importance of succinct verbal and non-verbal expressions in business by honing your communication skills to become a more effective contributor to the business View Course

Emotional Intelligence & Personal Mastery

2 Days May 9th-10th
October 24-25
₦105,000 Emotional intelligence (EQ) is more important for job success than ‘work’ intelligence/knowledge, experience, or technical ability. Therefore, this programme is designed to enable you apply a variety of emotional intelligence techniques to workplace issues like communication, leadership, coaching, teamwork, conflict resolution, and supervision, which will enable you to play important roles in your organisation’s achievement of set goals and objectives View Course

Enhancing Workplace Productivity

2 Days March 14-15
September 5-6
₦105,000 A workplace, however large or small has to be driven by efficiency and achievement that manifests from the productivity of each staff. This programme is designed to make you a better manager of yourself, interact better with others and manage your own workload. Participants will be provided with specific guidelines and recommendations based on their job roles and personality. They will also be equipped with the necessary skills to boost personal performance and productivity. View Course
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HR Transformation through Big Data Analytics

2 Days March 28-29 ₦175,000 Organisations are loaded with employee, HR, and performance data captured over the years. This includes demographic information, performance information, educational history, job location and other factors about their employees. However, this data is seldom used to make scientific, evidence-based people decisions. The programme will equip participants with knowledge of how and when big data can be used to make key employee decisions, thereby enabling executives to position themselves as strategic partners in their organisational talent management initiatives View Course

Legal & Ethical Issues for HR Professionals

2 Days May 16-17 ₦120,000 HR practice is greatly influenced and shaped by state and federal laws governing employment issues—recruitment, placement, development, and compensation etc. Though some issues may appear straightforward, they can also present numerous hidden legal and ethical traps for HR professionals. This programme is designed to acquaint HR professionals with the entire spectrum of legal and ethical regulatory frameworks guiding HR practice in the Nigerian context. View Course

Measuring ROI of Learning & Development Implementation

2 Days March 4-5 ₦175,000 Organisations typically expend significant resources on learning and development initiatives annually. On the other hand, experience has shown that little time or expense is paid to evaluating the effectiveness and impact of the training. This programme gives a comprehensive insight into how to demonstrate training ROI as well as enable organisations to validate the sustained impact of learning on the business and its employees. View Course

Effective Competency Model Design & Implementation

2 Days September 9-10 ₦175,000 Organisational Design is a step-by-step methodology which identifies dysfunctional aspects of work flow, procedures, structures and systems, realigns them to fit current business goals and then develops plans to implement the new changes. The process focuses on improving the technical and people side of the business. In this programme, you will be introduced to the discipline of the Organisational Design and Implementation process to diagnose issues and build momentum for change using straightforward tools to help drive ODD initiatives. View Course

Aligning Organisational Learning with Corporate Strategy

2 Days April 8-9 ₦175,000 Over the last decade, there has been a big shift in thinking; from a focus on delivering training to learning at work. Developing talent requires that organisations clearly identify the combination of skills, knowledge, and behaviours that will not only enable the organisation fulfill its current objectives but also cope with future business challenges. This programme provides practical and applicable skills required to align organisational learning initiatives to deliver corporate strategic goals. View Course

Strategic Talent Management

2 Days August 15-16 ₦175,000 In an increasingly talent-dependent world, forward-thinking organisations understand the strategic importance of talent management processes as a critical organisational capability. This programme illustrates concepts and practices that can be adopted for the transformation of organisational talent to build a high-performance workforce. View Course
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Disruptive Innovation with Design Thinking

2 Days March 13-14
July 3-4
₦150,000 How do innovators fill gaps and needs in people’s lives? One fundamental skill they possess is empathy development. Design thinking as an innovation methodology is based on empathy, which helps to redefine problems, uncover space for ideation and multiple iterations of prototypes leading to innovation. Participants on this programme will acquire the core principles and tools of design thinking and how to apply them across your organisation to help it innovate and grow. View Course

Digital Transformation Strategy Development

2 Days Mar 20-21
July 10-11
₦150,000 The effect of Digital Technology on business processes are linking up customers and markets such that the boundaries between internal business processes and its external ecosystem(customers, markets, competitors, partners, and regulators) are fast disappearing. Businesses must re-define their strategy to survive and possibly win. This programme equips participants with the understanding of Digital Transformation Strategy Development and how it positions them as key players in the digital economy. View Course

Leading Digital Teams In The Digital Age

2 Days Mar 27-28
July 25-26
₦150,000 Discussions of leadership were often about the characteristics of leaders — their personality traits and their leadership styles. In the Digital Age, business leaders agree there is a need for more leaders, at all levels of the organization. No matter the unit, position, or responsibility, everyone has to be accountable for producing value for the customer. This programme helps participants build leadership skills peculiar to leading teams in the digital age. View Course
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Execution and Evaluation of Strategy: A Balanced Scorecard Approach

2 Days June 3-4 ₦150,000 In order for organisations to succeed, it is important that managers establish clearly defined goals, core values, a vision of the future and also develop a workable overarching corporate strategy. Companies often manage strategy in fits and starts, with many failing the executing test. This programme is designed to equip delegates on how to align people, processes and technology as well as use the balanced scorecard as a tool to manage risk and drive strategy execution. View Course

Game-Changing Strategy Design and Execution

2 Days April 15-16 ₦150,000 A strategy is simply identifying the greatest challenge confronting an organisation and creating a cohesive plan to create forward movement. While strategy is commonplace in most organisations, a “game-changing” strategy capable of securing a long-term competitive advantage for business is hard to come by. This programme provides participants with a structured knowledge, framework, and skills needed to form and develop a winning strategy. View Course

Strategic Thinking and Execution Masterclass

2 Days Feb 18-19
October 21-22

Every successful business must have a team that is well-equipped in the art of formulating and executing strategy. This competence is critical to the long-term survival of the business and the position the


occupies in the industry. This programme is a must-attend for professionals who desire to acquire the critical competencies of Strategic Thinking, Planning and the discipline to get things done– Execution.

View Course

Creating Business Value through Big Data & Analytics

2 Days July 11-12
Nov. 4-5
₦175,000 Most organisations focus on the use of Big Data & Analytics (BDA) to enhance tactical organisational capabilities. However, only very few are leveraging its potential in creating organisational value. This programme provides participants with essential business, analytical and technological knowledge, to enhance their capacity to effectively lead teams, functional departments or organisations with Big Data. Participants are guaranteed to return to the workplace with a clear long-term analytics & Big Data strategy to create business value. View Course

Leading Business Turnaround: Stimulating Growth from a Declining Business

2 Days Sept. 12-13 ₦175,000 Corporate turnaround is the process of transforming a loss-making company into profitability. It is simply the method of corporate renewal that is aimed at saving troubled corporations and rectifying previous errors and business decisions and ensuring a steady path to profit generation is embarked upon. This programme will arm business managers and executives with the core skills required to plan and execute a methodical approach to reviving a loss-making company. View Course
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Financial Modelling and Forecasting using Advanced MS Excel Techniques

5 Days Sept. 16-20 ₦225,000 “A working financial model that answers the question, ” What are the potential results?” is critical in facilitating the reliability and quality of decision making.
This workshop is a hands-on practical exercise that exposes you to advanced MS Excel functionalities and ways modeling techniques are used in different areas such as investment appraisal, capital planning, budgeting, valuation, financial analysis, and forecasting.
View Course

Finance for Strategic Decision Making

2 Days June 6-7 ₦125,000 This programme will equip participants with a good understanding of the concept of the financial planning process, the time value of money, financial products for savers and ethical and professional considerations in financial strategic decision making. It will also clarify the basics of financial analysis and how executives can make important financial decisions that are critical for an organisation to respond to competitive challenges, embark on new projects, recover from negative financial positions and most importantly, create shareholder value. View Course

Effective Budgeting & Cost Control for Executives

2 Days July 15-16 ₦125,000 This programme is designed to give participants an understanding of the budgeting and financial management process within organisations. It will examine various tools and types of budgets as well as illustrate the fit of the budgeting process into the organisations’ financial management process. View Course

Demystifying Finance for the Non-Finance Executives

2 Days May 2-3 ₦125,000 This workshop demystifies financial information, giving you confidence and control to make apt financial decisions and untangles the web of mystery typically associated with financial and management accounting in the eyes of many non-financial managers. View Course

Financial Statement Analysis

2 Days August 1-2 ₦175,000 This programme will provide participants with the skills required to enable them to understand, analyse and interpret company financial statements. The knowledge acquired is to enhance participants’ capacity to make informed credit or investment decisions as well as being well positioned to make accurate judgments and contributions on finance-related issues. View Course
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Accelerating Growth through Key Accounts Management

2 Days March 21-22 ₦150,000 Understanding how to grow and safeguard your key and strategic accounts are the recipes for long-term organisational success. This programme equips participants with knowledge of how to build and sustain enduring customer relationships, maximise revenue and adopt more strategic approaches to key account management. View Course

Building and Leading a High-Performance Sales Force

2 Days April 18-19 ₦125,000 An essential part of the sales management strategy is to ensure your sales team is motivated and empowered to produce exceptional results. This programme provides sales team leads and managers with a combination of practical management techniques, tools, and approaches for achieving superior result from their sales force. View Course

Winning Competitive Bids: Strategies and Tactics

2 Days May 6-7 ₦120,000 Research studies of leading companies reveal that those with strong bid capabilities experienced 6%-13% increase in revenue generation and 10%-20% improvement in speed of moving prospects through the sales funnel. At the end of this programme, participants will be able to deploy a blend of strategic insight, relationships, negotiations and skills to gain competitive advantage required to win any bids or contracts. View Course

Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy

2 Days June 20-21 ₦120,000 With unprecedented access to vast amounts of information and the increased use of the internet, traditional marketing strategies have become completely outdated while others have been completely transformed. This programme unpacks industry best practices related to how businesses effectively use social media and digital marketing and teach participants how to ensure their organisations are more intelligent in how they conduct business in the digital age. View Course

Effective Channel Marketing and Distribution

2 Days January 24-26 ₦120,000 An effective and functional distribution strategy is part of the DNA of many companies and having the compliment of a well thought through channel marketing approach is key for product/business success. Distribution plans need to be prepared for the long run– combining: company profile, portfolio structure and price positioning, go-to-market policy, trade and retail marketing, e-commerce and global retail management. At the end of this programme, participants would have mastered the skills for designing and managing an effective marketing and distribution channel for diverse products and markets. View Course

Consultative Selling Skills

2 Days Feb. 25-26 ₦120,000 Consultative selling is a sales process for planning, building and nurturing client relationship. This workshop provides a framework for understanding your products/services from the customer’s viewpoint and helps you present solutions and benefits to the customers with a follow-up system to aid in an effective and lasting customer relationship. View Course

Generating Sustainable Revenue through Effective Retail Strategy

2 Days July 1-2 ₦120,000 As the world goes retail, businesses are getting to realise that a retail strategy is one of the most effective ways to drive sustainable revenue irrespective of economic cycles. This programme is designed to equip participants with an in-depth understanding of the strategic options available to retailers and how choices made impact the operation and financial model of the organisation. They will also master the skills for analysis of branding in retail and considerations in store design and location determination. View Course
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Effective Procurement Management for Senior Officers

3 Days Nov. 6-8 ₦180,000 Ineffective procurement management processes have far-reaching financial implications on the budget and performance of MDA’s, hence, procurement management requires planning at a strategic level. The programme is designed to address the skills and knowledge required for planning and executing processes for procurement of goods, works, and services. The programme also shares insights and best practice in the selection of consultants based on risk assessment and the optimal contracting strategy set out in the World Bank Procurement Framework and Regulations. View Course

Effective Monitoring & Controlling of Public Contracts

3 Days Nov. 13-15 ₦180,000 Monitoring and control is a critical consideration in the administration of public sector contracts. A thoughtful and proactive approach toward project monitoring and control as it relates to specific timelines and milestones contributes to the success of contract performance. The emphasis of this short professional course is on developing a solid understanding of the complexities of project monitoring and control within the context of the public sector in Nigeria. Participants will be armed with the requisite skills for planning, monitoring, and proactively exercising oversight in areas related to the project status monitoring and control against project risks and impact. View Course