Revamping Work Culture, what the client needs

Revamping Work Culture

by Workforce Group

Revamping Work Culture

by Workforce Group

by Workforce Group

What Were the Client’s Needs?

One of Nigeria’s foremost parastatals needed to confront the reality that the work ethic of its workforce was limiting achievement of its organisational objectives. The work culture in the organisation did not drive or support its strategic intent of becoming a best-in-class company.

How Did We Meet Them?

We partnered with the organisation to:

  • Conduct a Culture Audit
  • Restructure the Executive Office
  • Implement Culture Change (in partnership with SERVICOM)
  • Develop a Competency-based Training Curriculum
  • Institutionalise a Performance Management System
  • Create work-plans and contracts for all twenty (20) departments of the Agency

What Was The Impact?

Within a year after the intervention, the organisation achieved:

  • Higher levels of employee motivation and drive
  • New performance culture embraced by the organisation
  • Increased levels of accountability across the organisation
  • Increased alignment of employee activities with the organisation’s strategic intent

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