Workforce Group is a diversified Human Capital, Outsourcing and Business Consulting firm focused on helping organisations succeed.

Founded in 2004, we have built a firm uniquely positioned to assist businesses in their quest to create sustainable value for their customers and stakeholders. Leveraging on our cross-industry and cross-functional expertise, we are known for our ability to consistently adopt a thorough approach in understanding peculiar client needs and consequently deploy customised innovative solutions to meet those needs.

At Workforce Group, we are committed to helping our clients perform better and achieve their desired results.

Our Mission

Consistently deliver real business consulting impact and measurable results profitably to our clients, leveraging on our highly competent and engaged workforce.

Our Mission

Attain a level of competence, performance and industry reputation; and as a result attract aggressive merger/acquisition bids from some of the top 10 global consulting firms by 2017.


Outsourced employees


Employment-ready candidates



Our Guiding Philosophy

We believe that what most companies and individuals have in common is either the dissatisfaction with their current results or a drive to move to the next level. Our aim is to bridge this gap and create value for our clients as a result of the work we do with them.

We understand that contextualising the needs of all stakeholders in the firm’s value chain and setting up measures to deliver them, is the only guarantee for sustainable value and long term business results. In view of this, we make deliberate efforts in our solution delivery and client engagement process.