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Demystifying Performance

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is here and to many it is just a series of games. However, football, like many other sports is a theatre of learning profound principles which can be applied in everyday life. Like many sports, performance is a key factor in attaining success.

Anyone who doubles as a passionate lover of football and the HR professionmay have observed that embedded in the fun and thrill of the round leather game are answers to some of the biggest challenges confronting performance management and talent management professionals in day-to-day organisational life. Read more

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Strategies For Retaining Your Best Employees

Human resource departments know that when it comes to managing employees, it does not end at recruitment and hiring; it also extends to retention. As an employer, you have to find adequate ways to make them want to remain in your organisation for long time.

Having long-term employees that double as top talent is beneficial to a success-driven organisation.

You do not want your top talent to be active “town criers” of the popular “I don port o” jingle. Read more

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Who is a Talent?

This is probably one of the most important questions Talent Management specialists/Human Resource professionals are required to answer and not only answer, but do so intelligently.

Dodgy and cliché responses like “it depends” will not do their organisations or profession any good. For Talent Management/HR professionals to retain their credibility, they must have a well thought through and strategic answer to this very important question. Read more

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Graduate Assessment

What were the client’s needs?

  • One of the leading FMCG companies in Nigeria was overwhelmed with managing the assessment for over 35,000 qualified candidates who had applied to join their graduate trainee program.
  • They needed an objective, quick, scalable and cost-effective method of screening the huge number of qualified candidates to a more manageable number that they could then take through a rigorous selection exercise.

  Read more