The Danger of Losing Momentum - You could be replaced

The Danger of Losing Momentum

by Workforce Group

The Danger of Losing Momentum

by Workforce Group

by Workforce Group

The adrenaline rush that comes from the excitement of starting something new. You want things to develop and be perfect, so you deploy all within your resources to ensure everything goes according to plan. The vision constantly plays on your mind and you are motivated to see it come to fruition.

It took a lot of back-breaking work, sleepless nights and sheer ingenuity to get you this far, but you are here. You are where you dreamed of being, even if you thought it would take you longer to get to this point. You make a mental note not to drop the ball, you know you cannot afford to lower your standards and go back to where you are coming from. But you do.

The scenario painted above is the story of many startups. In most cases, a company starts well; they have the right work ethic when they start out, and in due time they begin to gain momentum. They sacrifice a whole lot and are able to build a solid client base through hard work, resourcefulness and unrivalled passion for what they do.

However, somewhere along the line, they take their eye off the vision and begin to derail. They are no longer loyal to their work ethic and they stop doing the things that once endeared them to clients. They refuse to develop , start to lose momentum, and this loss in drive eventually morphs into a loss in client patronage and revenue.

Often times, organisations get too comfortable with the level of patronage and goodwill they have garnered over time and start to take their customers for granted. And in spite of the glaring lessons that can be learnt from the fall of companies who were previously leading the pack in their field, it is surprising to find many other organisations toeing the same path that leads to irrelevance.

The truth is, you cannot afford to be complacent in business. You cannot afford to slack on the things that helped you develop and attain success in the first place. The business environment is ever dynamic and competitive, and once you lose your position, there are several competitors waiting in the wings to take your place.

Again, customer relationships are sacred, and should never be endangered.

Here are some ways to ensure you don’t lose momentum in business;

· Constantly re-invent yourself: Set a new goal, aspire to something new once you have achieved a specific goal. It will keep you challenged and help you sustain momentum.

· Take risks: Remember how you took risks when you were starting out? What made you stop? To remain at the top of your game in business, you must continue to take calculated risks, for therein lies opportunities.

· Continue to innovate: Your products, services and offerings in general should never remain the same over time. Seek ways to make them better.

· Create better customer experiences: The loyalty of your clients should never be taken for granted. Remember that your competition is only a phone call away. Keep your customers happy by offering them added value.

· Keep marketing: Marketing should be a continuous process. Keep your products and services in the consciousness of your customers by investing in marketing.

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