Selecting Outstanding Graduates for Entry-Level Roles

August 1st, 2017

What were the client’s needs?

  • One of the leading FMCG companies in Nigeria was overwhelmed with managing over 35,000 qualified candidates who had applied to join their graduate trainee program.
  • They needed an objective, quick, scalable and cost-effective method of screening the huge number of qualified candidates to a more manageable number that they could then take through a rigorous selection exercise.


How did we meet them?                       

  • We helped the organisation by first understanding the outcomes they wanted to achieve with their graduate trainee programme.
  • With the insights gained, we designed and deployed online aptitude tests that candidates could take from any location in the world as long as they had access to the internet. The tests were customized and designed to objectively select the best candidates based on pre-defined criteria. Tests were administered with a helpdesk support available to resolve any candidate issues during the test window period.
  • We then carried out a second level validation with a centre-administered computer-based aptitude test on candidates who passed the online test.
  • Candidates who succeeded at this stage were then taken through a selection exercise to hire the very best candidates into the graduate programme


What was the impact?

  • Over 35,000 candidates were assessed within a week without hitches using trusted and objective test tools.
  • The organisation was able to ensure the success of its graduate programme because they relied on us to provide quick, trusted and cost effective solutions.