Open Enrolment & In-Company Programmes

We have been at the forefront of research, design, development and delivery of cutting-edge learning programmes for more than a decade. Our programmes have been tested thoroughly and accepted as world class by the best in the business community. Facilitated by industry practitioners, our competency-based courses are designed to focus on the skills, knowledge and behaviours that enable individuals, teams and organisations perform excellently in complex and fast-changing environments.

We offer courses in the areas of Leadership, Management, Human Resource, Finance and Personal Productivity.


We work with our clients to develop online, blended e-learning solutions tailored to their proprietary needs. We provide bespoke e-learning content development or upgrade and enhance existing content using the best instructional design methodologies.

High Performance Induction Programs

Research studies conducted by Aberdeen Group found that organisations that enjoy Best-in-Class performances share several characteristics, including a commitment to excellence in the quality, structure and effectiveness of their induction programs.

Our High Performance Induction Programs are designed to effectively and proactively engage new employees, accustom them to the organisation’s culture and adequately prepare them so they hit the ground running. Our aim is to help you bridge any knowledge, skills and performance gaps as quickly and effectively as possible. We offer a full spectrum of crucial workplace competencies through our robust curriculums and application-focused trainings.

High Performance Team Building Retreats And Team Development Solutions

We design retreats that help organisations, from small businesses to large multinational corporations, build healthy and productive relationships between individuals and teams within the workplace.

Train The Internal Trainer & Course Content Development

We understand that there are learning interventions that some of our clients would prefer to deliver internally. This may be due to cost considerations, more adequate knowledge of subject matter or the need for organisation-specific learning interventions. Whatever the reason, we support your objectives by training, coaching and mentoring their internal trainers to deliver top-class learning interventions across their organisation.

We also develop training materials and course content and provide accredited training certifications for subject matter experts, as well as to aid the design and delivery of your workshop.

Industry And Function-Focused Seminars And Conferences

We facilitate seminars, conferences and events that feature renowned industry experts and senior level representatives from the world’s most successful and forward-thinking organisations. Our seminars and conferences, modelled after the leading events in the world, are designed to provide the best education available in the areas of Human Resources, Learning and Performance, Leadership and Human Capital Management.