What is Outwork?

What is Outwork?

by Workforce Group

What is Outwork?

by Workforce Group

by Workforce Group

Outwork is a mobile technology platform that features a crowd sourced on demand. The app provides workers to help execute tasks so organisations can focus on their innovation and growth. These workers are known as Outworkers.

Outwork has the largest pool of outsourced talent in Africa. With over 35,000 verified and trained staff, Outwork provides a seamless web and mobile platform to engage and effectively collaborate with field teams to deliver on tasks and projects.

For corporates who have time sensitive projects to execute on a large scale, Outwork provides a pool of pre-verified, assessed and trained individuals who have the skills and knowledge required to get things done right, on time, and cost effectively.

How Outwork Works
· Client creates a task to be completed
· Sets detailed preferences and criteria for executing the task
· Client pushes task to outwork mobile app
· Outwork matches task to qualified outworker
· Outworker executes the task
· Outworker generates and submits report
· Client evaluates report
· Outworkers get paid for approved reports.

Organisations need to get things done, but there is no efficient, effective and success-assuring way of achieving result.

Businesses in Nigeria face a lot of challenges and Outwork is set to solve all. Currently, the existing approach for getting work and field assignments done are:

· Tedious

· Have no real time information

· Inefficient

· Highly inaccurate and of poor quality

· Have a high risk of fraud

· Expensive and time consuming

Outwork has all it takes to eliminate these issues. The platform can provide an additional stream of income for outworkers (economic empowerment), get real-time results by engaging and effectively collaborating with field teams and also change the way tasks are accomplished.

Clients who choose Outwork will get the opportunity to:

· Conduct a one-time project for their business.

· Gather information or data sets for academic research (retail intelligence).

· Scale a core process for repetitive work that’s critical to their business.

· Establish and test a process that you can use in the future.

· Test an idea or process.

· Get a dedicated workforce for particular work (training).

Outworkers are not left out as they can gain the following;

Education: Outworkers are exposed to training and custom competency assessments which give them transferable skills for other job opportunities.

Flexibility: The platform offers flexible work hours for outworkers to execute tasks.

Earn income/ economic empowerment: Earn income from the execution of tasks.

Payment protection: Payment guarantee on successful execution of tasks.

Outwork is a dream come true for every organisation that desires to gain competitive advantage and move forward.

You can visit outwork’s website at outwork.ng