For any organisation desirous of building a high performing workforce, talent sourcing and assessment is only the beginning. Our Background checks validates the selection process by ensuring that prospective hires are fit for the roles they are to assume.

We provide efficient verification services to meet your business needs by leveraging our network of competent agents, reliable contacts and relationships with academic institutions and government agencies all over the country. Organisations rely on us for the information they need to make optimal personnel decisions, by authenticating the information supplied by job candidates or employees.

With over Ten (10) years’ experience in providing background checks and verification services; we have honed our capacity to deliver remarkable results to a point of distinction.

We have built capacity to provide fast, reliable and uncompromised verification for many credentials in addition to background checks that are extensive and exhaustive.


Our customised approach to verification and the array of services we deploy will help your organisation achieve the following:

Cost Saving

Our clients save money that could have been lost to rehiring or liability resulting from the actions of a wrong hire

Decreased risk in hiring

According to the US Chamber of Commerce, 17% of organisations have experienced incidents that could have been avoided if a background check was carried out on the employee

Increase in quality of hire

Our services ensure that you weed out unqualified candidate and expose those who may have gotten the job under a false pretext

Background Checks and Verification Services

“Every year, there are roughly 100,000 students graduating from Nigerian higher institutions. However, there are only approximately 10,000 jobs available”

This statistic among other factors including the harsh economic realities in the country has put a lot of pressure on job seekers to the extent that a staggering high percentage of people will commit fraud in order to secure employment.

Our verification processes are both effective and efficient, to ensure that our esteemed clients get the most valid and relevant information to better inform their hiring and retention decisions. Our credential verification service verifies;

  • Schools attended
  • Dates enrolled
  • Date graduated
  • Degrees earned

Previous conduct is the best indicator of future behaviour . Given the fact that misdemeanors and fraud are possible threats when it comes to hiring, the safest way to prevent this is by ensuring that candidates’ background have been properly checked.

We have made it the top priority in our business approach to verification to verify and re-verify the criminal records of candidates. This commitment to quality from the beginning is what is responsible for our incredible achievement so far in the area of Verification Services.

We can help you save  the time spent on employment verification by conducting your employment verifications for you. At Workforce Group, we do an all-encompassing employment history check for candidates, by verifying details like:

  • Past Employment period
  • Dates Employed
  • Position
  • Reporting Manager
  • Reasons for Leaving
  • Income
  • Confirmation of eligibility to rehire

The importance of conducting guarantor and reference checks as a part of a recruitment process cannot be overemphasised. The fact is that no matter how amazing a candidate may be on paper, and regardless of how brilliant they may seem when you interviewed them, you should never let the reference checking process slip through the cracks. We take care of physically verifying current addresses of guarantor and references provided by candidate and we ensure that guarantors meet up with your specifications.

It is not enough to verify that candidates hold the license or certification required, it is also important to ensure that the license is up-to-date and in good standing. Our professional certificate and licence verification services provide:

  • Issue date
  • Exipration date
  • Status