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Let’s help you find
your best Solution

Often times, the best solution to a business
problem is the right person.

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Increase your probability
of success through our best-in-class
recruitment and assessment services

Having the right Talent determines 60% to 70%
of the success of any organisation.

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Let’s help you outlearn
your competitors

Organisations compete on the basis of their ability
to create & utilise knowledge. Hence, they compete
on the basis of superior know-how.

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Let’s help your employees acquire
the competences they need to
win in the marketplace

Your company must uncover the knowledge and skills that
are most critical to your business performance & focus
disproportionately on developing them.

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We let you focus on your
core and take care of the rest

No organisation can be successful when it divides its
resources among too many initiatives.

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We are your most dependable
Outsourcing Partner

Success in business comes from doing what you do best
and finding partners that can take care of the rest.

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Let’s help you build a Culture
of Getting Things Done

Significant achievement is driven by industry insights
and focused application.

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Let’s help you uncover game
changing business insights and
drive your business success

A pervasive disease affecting many businesses in our
environment – Satisfactory Under Performance.

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Helping organisations build an excellent workforce

Workforce Group is a top HR consulting firm in Nigeria offering outsourcing services, recruitment and assessment serviceslearning and development.

Our reputation for excellence in service was built from over a decade of providing human resource consulting across 5 states in Nigeria, and the FCT.



Human resource management strategy and operations

Our HR consultancy services are tailored to your specific needs, in line with your business objectives.

  • Optimise your HR processes and organisational structure
  • Proactively tackle persistent HR issues with strategic initiatives
  • Identify core areas of opportunity and change
  • Improve your staff capability and performance

Our areas of HR consulting expertise


Recruitment & Assessment Services

Take a break from the complexities of talent sourcing and acquisition. Our recruiting and hiring processes are designed to provide you with the best talents to fill any role in your organisation.


Learning & Development Services

Gain a competitive advantage in your industry by leveraging employee development. Our team of learning and development experts will provide you with executive coachings customized to help you achieve business goals.


Outsourcing Services

Improve your workplace productivity with outsourced employees while you concentrate your efforts on all other aspects of your business. We handle the performance review, payroll, compensation, and benefits.


Business Advisory Services

Our management consultants will provide you with insights, frameworks, and methodologies necessary to successfully manage your human capital, and execute your business strategies.

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