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Most businesses struggle to achieve their aspirations or fail because they are unable to manage both their core and non-core functions simultaneously. With 16+years of experience, over 120 consultants and 8,000+ outsourced staff, we have helped over 250+ clients achieve their desired business results, increase revenue and mitigate risks of doing business on the African continent. Through a standardised HR management system, we identify, screen, interview, deploy and manage all HR related activities for our junior to senior staff in roles ranging from sales, operations, administrative, finance, IT and other technical functions, on-site or remotely.

Our services cover:


We adopt a rigorous and standardised approach to sourcing, screening, interviewing and deploying the right candidates to fill junior or senior level roles for our clients.

Staff records management
Our technology-enabled processes and standardised procedures allows efficient cataloguing, secure storage and easy retrieval of employee data.

Staff onboarding/Staff training

With our structured and standardised structures, we ensure the smooth transition of our employees into your organisation, and we provide continuous upskilling to meet the demands of the job

Background verification

Our services range from previous employment checks, academic qualification checks, and other areas requiring the job seeker’s authentication.

Staff Payroll Management

We ensure our employees deployed to clients are paid on time and all statutory remittances made as and when due. In addition, we guarantee compliance with all the applicable laws and ensure strict and timely remittances are adhered to.

Performance management support

We conduct regular check-ins with our clients to ensure employees deliver value as expected and proffer performance management strategies to improve productivity.
Health insurance management
Our partnerships with leading health insurance providers allows us to provide adequate and effective health coverage plans to our employees.
Leave and exit management
With our structured plans and processes, we make sure the leave and exit management of the employees are well accounted for and follow due diligence.

Our credibility is built on our delivery model’s strength when it comes to finding the right people. At Workforce Outsourcing, our associate staff are highly skilled and capable of efficiently executing your business objectives. With our established track record of delivering reliable services, we’ve had clients partnering with us since 2004 when we started. When you partner with us, the challenges and logistics of managing a large workforce for performance is no longer your concern but rather ours. We help you focus on your core while we execute on your non-core.

Digital Marketing Force

Our digital marketing professionals have the knowledge and experience to deliver and execute a vast array of digital initiatives from small businesses to large organisations to meet your marketing needs across the eight core elements that make up digital marketing.


Our Sales Force Outsourcing solution is positioned to increase your probability of success by providing Salesforce Strategic Support to enable your organisation to meet and exceed its business goals and objectives.

Administration & Operations Management

Our highly skilled full-time managers and administrative staff are carefully selected to suit your organization’s changing needs.

Information Technology

Workforce Outsourcing specialises in information technology staffing, providing IT talents to help deploy, upgrade and support technology systems. We provide you with highly qualified IT staff with the required technical skills and ensure that they have all the soft skills needed to perform effectively on the job.

Finance & Accounting

We rely on a robust pool of finance professionals, a business-first strategic approach, and reliable performance management tools to supply highly qualified experts for every position at every time, anytime.

Human Resources

Workforce Outsourcing has years of experience in human resources as an HR staffing and recruiting agency. From entry-level candidates to top management, our portfolio of candidates is extensive, with hundreds of vetted professionals.

Engineering / Technical

Our Engineering professionals have the knowledge and experience to develop new technological solutions, engineer design processes, define problems, conduct and narrow research, find and analyse solutions, and make decisions.

Running a business is hard enough without also having to worry about managing operational tasks and tactical business processes, so let us worry about it.
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