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Workforce Connect is a world-class contact centre outsourcing service designed to help you improve your customer engagement, increase efficiency, and reduce operational costs.  Our Contact Centre solution allows you to engage new customers, impress existing customers and meet increasing customers' demand as you scale your operations.

What we offer


Inbound & Outbound Contact Centre

Our professional contact centre agents add value to your business by responding to all customer enquiries, complaints and requests. In addition, our deep knowledge of your business ensures we support your goals by proactively initiating market research, customer success and outbound sales calls.

Chat Support

We can connect with your customers in real-time across our omnichannel instant messaging platforms, websites and mobile apps.

Email Support

Similarly, our experts support agents can engage and solve customer issues and promote your products and services via email.

Sales Support


Our agents engage with your database to generate opportunities for revenue growth and get more value from your brand by upselling and cross-selling your products and services.

Lead Generation

By recognising your customers’ challenges, our expert agents uniquely position to ramp up your quality leads by engaging them on your products and services that can address their challenges.

Promotional Activities

As part of creating a positive impact on your brand equity and supporting your expansion goals, our expert contact centre agents promote and boost the sales of your products and services.

Non-voice support

Virtual Assistant

To further support your expansion goals, our virtual assistant support provides proactive round-the-clock, reliable and efficient support services through various channels, including voice, instant messaging and emails.

Call Sorting/Analytics

We also analyse, sort and leverage data to gain insight into your customer’s expectations and requirements. This helps you improve our contact centre performance and operations to increase customer satisfaction. In addition, we provide you with this data at your request.

Back Office

Our expert agents are also devoted to administrative and other clerical activities that are essential to your business functions, including order fulfillment, record maintenance, workforce management, etc.

Unlock the Power of Customer Experience...

Customer satisfaction is a continuous challenge, and we understand that for you to maintain a competitive advantage, there’s a need to continually evolve – exactly what we do. We are committed to transforming your end-to-end customer experience and driving long-term business growth by unlocking the power of customer experience.

How we function…

As an innovative contact centre outsourcing provider, we lead rather than follow. We empower your brand to build stronger customer relationships by creating direct, meaningful connections that boost brand value.


Talk to us, let’s support your business growth…

We’re more than just a contact centre partner of choice for some of Nigeria’s major brands and start-ups. Our team of specialists can help your business grow exponentially, handle high-volume functions and provide world-class customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

A point of professional pride for us is that we provide services all around the clock (24/7), 365 days a year. In addition, all our support is specialised in your sector – meaning that when you get in touch, we’ll know what you’re talking about, and immediately provide a satisfactory response.
Outsourcing to us gives you the following benefits:
  • Accelerated revenue growth, customer acquisition and improved customer retention
  • Allows you focus on your core operations
  • Improves service levels/efficiency
  • Increases scaling agility
  • Reduces your operational cost.
Workforce provides a scalable omnichannel cloud-based solution to help build seamless customer experiences. In addition, we provide you with our multi-channel end-to-end option including voice (calls), SMS, Email, social media (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook) and CRM.
We never compromise on your data or other confidential information. We store and handle your data responsibly and ensure it is totally inaccessible to third parties. We also ensure our employees sign Non-Disclosure and Data Protection Agreements.
Absolutely, it seamlessly integrates into your current application. Along with your other existing communication systems and applications, we can get the system up and running in rapid turnaround time.
Yes, you can. At Workforce Connect, we partner with you on your terms, including the specific services you need, want or understand. We’ll work alongside you to identify which modules will benefit your business model.
We provide you with regular reports that include Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). All our activities are recorded, so we can send you reports on any metric and insight you need.
All calls are recorded, and sample recordings are available on request subject to the terms of agreement with client. We ensure transparency at all times.
We know that your clients and customers will want the freedom to change lanes as they progress along a user journey and they expect an excellent level of personalised service at every touchpoint on the journey, so we’d strongly recommend using omni-channel communication which is equipped to meet those expectations.
The cost of service is agreed upon prior to commencement of the contract. The quotation is prepared based on your specific requirements, but the following is usually considered:
  • The cover time (basic, extended or 24/7 availability),
  • The expected time volume (the cost per individual contact decreases with the increasing number of contacts) and
  • Additional charges may apply, which could include outbound communication, WhatsApp outbound chats, etc.
  • The type of service channels.
We will work with you to implement your scaling implementation plans. We are happy to assist and meet your demands while maintaining the quality and performance that ensured you were able to scale.