Leadership Development

If corporate priorities were set by unanimous agreement about their importance, executives should be focused on little other than developing leaders at all levels of their organisation.


This is simply because there are very few activities an organisation can carry out with the potential to create as much value as identifying, developing, retaining, and deploying leaders.​

Our leadership development programmes enable you to build leadership capabilities across all levels; from the entry level to executive teams. We adopt insights from best practice management techniques, best-in-class leadership principles, pragmatic experience sharing, case studies, assessments, simulations and other experiential learning tools, to assure you of a learning experience guaranteed to drive business success.

Unlocking full leadership potentials

Enable your leaders to unlock and unleash their full potential through our executive coaching programmes where we take them on a self-discovery process that allows them to capitalise on their strengths and identify their blind spots. By deploying comprehensive assessments, we provide specific solutions to address the challenges, pain points and skill gaps in your leaders.

Our programmes are carefully designed to train and develop leaders within your organisation to be accountable for their jobs, their teams and the tasks expected of them. The several vital benefits obtained from our leadership development programmes have made it an exclusive and top-notch pick for organisations.

What we offer

Leadership development programs are designed to enhance the skills and abilities of individuals in leadership positions or those aspiring to become leaders. They typically include various training and development activities to foster leadership qualities and promote effective leadership practices.
The programme uses a delivery methodology based on moving learning from the classroom to the workplace. We adopt the 70:20:10 learning model. This model prioritises on-the-job learning which accounts for 70% of learning, mentoring with colleagues and superiors which accounts for 20% of learning and 10% which accounts for formal learning.
A leadership assessment is a tool used to measure an individual's leadership skills and potential. Leadership assessments can be a valuable tool for organisations that are looking to improve leadership development and performance. By understanding leaders' strengths and weaknesses, organisations can develop targeted training and development programmes that will help leaders to reach their full potential.

To measure competency and personality types, we use some of the most practical and pragmatic instruments available.
Leadership simulation is a type of experiential learning that allows participants to practice leadership skills in a safe and controlled environment. Our Simulations can be used to teach a variety of leadership skills, including decision-making, communication, conflict resolution, and team building.

Our leadership simulations provides leaders with the opportunity to practice their skills in a safe environment, and can help them identify areas where they need to improve.

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