We go beyond and we try harder

At Workforce Group, we go beyond narrowly defined client issues, beyond conventional wisdom, beyond the expected, to create opportunities for our clients, candidates, colleagues, collaborators, and community.

Through a network of diversified but highly complementary lines of businesses we have helped some of the most important and exciting organisations on the continent find the critical talent, access cutting edge advice and get innovative support they require to grow in a challenging market.

We support businesses and organisations of varying size, structure and maturity across diverse sectors such as Technology, Telecoms, Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Third Sector, FMCG etc. to enhance business performance, optimise for growth and achieve exceptional results.

We do these by drawing on the expertise of over 125 highly-experienced consultants and more than 8500 associate staff across the continent. What sets us apart is the depth of our capabilities, creative problem-solving approach and proven track record in our practice areas combined with in-depth knowledge of the realities of the industries we serve.

Our ground-breaking Zone Tech Park offers startups and established companies the cutting-edge facilities, technology and business expertise they need to break out and thrive.

Numbers that Define Us