Assessment and Development Centre Services

Our A&D centre solutions will get you the right talents and answers to your most critical assessment and recruitment needs.

The importance of assessment and development centres cannot be overemphasised. Is having the right fit for a role your organisation’s priority? If so, then getting the right assessment and development centre service is a prerequisite.

Over the years, we have developed extensive experience, expertise and dependable competence in helping our clients achieve their desired results with our assessment and development centre solution.

We deploy assessment and development centres to assess candidates from various perspectives. Our assessment and development centre allows objectivity for evaluating a candidate’s current or potential competence to perform in a specific role.

Thus, we deploy our A&D centre service through two modes => Virtual Assessment Centre (VAC) and On-Site Assessment Centre.

Our Modes of Deployment

On-site Assessment

We ease the human intervention process associated with on-site assessments by providing the necessary tools, structures and expertise needed for a successful assessment exercise.

Virtual Assessment Centre

We utilize carefully selected tools administered via digital channels to ensure a credible assessment process. This deployment model eliminates logistic hassles, manual effort and mounting overhead costs

Organisations use our Assessment and Development Centre because we provide…

Trusted Assessment Tools & Methodologies

Highly Skilled Assessors

Purpose-built Assessment Centres

Secure and Comfortable Environment

A sneak peek into some of our Assessment Centre activities

Competency-Based Interview

Designed to test specific skills in candidates to assess their level of competence.

Group Exercise

Candidates are tested on their ability to work together, communicate ideas and provide viable solutions.

Role Play

Potential hires simulate a work scenario to mirror their actions in real-life situations.

Situational Judgement test

Psychological assessment testing a candidates' ability to handle real-life job situations

Business Simulation Game

Designed to test a candidates’ ability to build a business.

Extempore Presentation

Candidates are tested on their ability to provide analysis about a subject without prior preparation.

A Day In The Life

An immersive experience, allowing for comprehensive assessment across multiple competencies.

Case Work/Analysis Exercise

Provides information that is ambiguous and sometimes contradictory to assess thought- process and decision making.


Candidates assume an everyday work mode where emails with varying priorities are being received.

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