Efficient. Learner-focused. Secure.

Learnry learning management system provides a cost-effective, easy-to-use and reliable way to train employees, document processes, achieve business goals and improve employee engagement and productivity.

How It Works
Leverage our world-class toolkits to deliver experiential learning through simulated scenarios that guarantee unforgettable learning experiences.
Train Your Team
Learnry allows managers and leaders to curate and compile from a library of over 100 high-quality best-in-class training courses for different functions and competency levels, as well as upload your training courses. You can also choose to provide employees with certificates after course completion.

Document Business Processes

Use learnry LMS to easily convert internal training slide decks, product catalogues, employee handbooks, etc., into instruction-friendly formats. Learnry helps you manage and warehouse critical knowledge assets that support the learning and performance of your employees.
Track Progress
Learnry’s highly configurable reporting and analytics dashboard makes it easy to monitor your employees’ progress from start to completion and track the overall course. In addition, the use of exciting elements like badges, ratings, leaderboards, etc., helps drive user engagement, make learning fun, and increase knowledge absorption and retention.
Learnry offers more
Learnry LMS allows you to deliver content quickly, engage learners effectively, assess achievement transparently, manage and protect your corporate intellectual collateral and collaboratively engage users.
Learnry Learning Management System was purposely built to help you scale and manage your Learning and Development activities more effectively.

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