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Powering the Employee Lifecycle That Drives Your Business

If you are looking for a dependable staffing solutions company that will help you;


Workforce Outsourcing delivers staff & business process outsourcing solutions that maximise productivity and fuel our clients’ businesses.

We’re Passionate About Helping Businesses Focus And Do More With Less

Workforce Outsourcing is Nigeria’s leading provider of custom staffing & HR process outsourcing solutions. HR, including employee lifecycle management, is time-consuming, stressful, and difficult to manage effectively.Our sector-specific consultants, associate staff, and operations experts help our clients uncover hidden opportunities to unlock their potential and deliver lasting impact in highly competitive industries and markets across Africa. You will save money, reduce compliance risks, and streamline your operations.

Staff Outsourcing

We provide highly qualified people with specialized expertise for greater flexibility and productivity.

Your workforce drives your organization. Whether it’s temporary or on a full-time basis, 7 employees or 1,300 - we’ll come up with a staffing plan that’s just right for you. We will help you select the right team that matches your business demand, manage their payroll, and provide replacements while you focus on growing your business.

Human Resources

Digital Marketing Force

Customer Support Executives

Information Technology

Finance & Accounting

Engineering & Technical

Sales Force

Administration & Operations Management

Business Process Outsourcing

We handle all non-core HR activities and functions while you focus on your core.

Reduce your overhead costs - outsource your administrative work to us.As an HR consulting firm, we have in-depth industry expertise and experience in delivering value through our HR Business Process Outsourcing capabilities. Our services cut across recruitment, talent development, welfare management, performance management, and payroll services.

Human Resources

Digital Marketing Force

Customer Support Executives

Information Technology

Tech Solutions

We are committed to supporting your people, project, and process outsourcing needs with the right HR tech solution that enables you to make informed business decisions. From remote work management to streamlined employee lifecycle management, we are ready to help you choose the best solution for your needs that deliver results.


The most time-efficient, low-cost, and hassle-free way to manage your field staff and off-site activities.

Allday HR

Your all-in-one solution for hiring top talent and managing your existing teams


An affordable and easy-to-implement Learning Management System to develop your employees.

Working with Us is Simple

Our staffing solution is as much about the people as it is about performance; we believe one should not exist without the other.


First, we seek to have an in-depth understanding of your staffing challenges and opportunities, define key measures of success and agree on project deliverables.


We then design a custom staffing solution that aligns with your project’s context and business realities.


We deploy your custom staffing solution on time and to budget, always keeping your end goals as a focus.


We track, measure, and provide performance support towards ensuring you achieve your staffing project goals.

See how we've helped our clients achieve extraordinary outcomes

What Makes Us Different

Quality of Outsourced Employees

We take the extra effort and time to ensure that you have the best quality people that are ideal for your unique business context. We achieve this through our rigorous identification, assessment, selection, and onboarding procedures.

Turnaround Time of Deploying Staff

With 18+ years of experience as an HR outsourcing company in Nigeria and 8000+ outsourced staff in various organisations, you can count on us to recruit and manage your people, projects, and processes to give you the business edge over the competition.

Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness

We are very responsive and reliable. Others may promise quick execution, but when you need it done right and on time, we are your best available option. You can relax knowing your outsourcing projects are in the right hands

Reliable Service Delivery

We function as a vital partner to you, ensuring that our core staff operate as members of your team. When it comes to talent performance management, development, and engagement, we effectively manage associate staff so you can derive maximum value from your outsourcing project.

Risk Management and Compliance

Our extensive experience positions us to anticipate and better manage your outsourcing-related risks. We pay close attention to details and ensure that we comply with all the elements of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) as a reputable company.

Innovation and Technology

We leverage the latest technology and world-class processes to deliver successful, seamless, and scalable outsourcing solutions to you. Our HR tech products keep you ahead of a constantly evolving marketplace.

Outsourcing Can Be Scary

Loss of control, poor work quality, subpar results, and more – can all lead to risks to your reputation, profit margin, and regulatory compliance. But it doesn't have to be that way. Running a business is already hard enough without also worrying about managing support staff, so let us worry about it.

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