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Contract Staff Assessment for a Top Financial Institution

About the Client

Our client is a top-tier commercial banking institution in Nigeria. They are one of Nigeria’s long-standing and most respected financial institutions, offering a portfolio of banking services to individuals, SMEs, commercial and corporate clients. They have remained committed to helping individuals, families and businesses grow for nearly a century.


Our client, due to their huge standing and nature of service, have branches located in different parts of the country. They decided to conduct an assessment for 260 of their contract staff located across these branches, in order to decide the ones due for conversion to full staff. The project lasted 3 weeks.

The Problem

Our client, who has repeatedly done business with us in the past, decided to re-engage us. 

They wanted to conduct staff assessment exercises for their existing members of staff located in different branches in different parts of the country. In addition, they also wanted a remote proctored solution, in order to ensure credibility in the assessments. Lastly, they wanted a virtual Assessment Centre platform for the administration and evaluation of the candidates by their assessors.

The Solution

We started by conducting a diagnosis of the project, where we examined the project and decided on the resources to deploy. We then came up with the project strategy and also set timelines to guide our execution. Afterwards, we conducted a first round of testing for these staff, deploying our remote proctored solutions, which ensured that the candidates were adequately monitored throughout the test.

Next, we provided the platform to conduct the virtual assessment centre, with the assessors of the client monitoring and overseeing the process.

Finally, we ensured that every morning, we briefed their assessors on the latest updates as regards the project. 

The Result

We were able to provide a seamless remote-proctored assessment for their contract staff. Through our Virtual Assessment Centre platform, the assessors were also able to properly and rigorously assess their staff. At the end of the day, they were able to decide the contract staff qualified for promotion to the position of full staff.

Client Testimonial

“Workforce Group’s Assessment Centre and Remote Proctoring solutions were good enough and allowed us to carry out assessment for our contract staff”

At Workforce Group, we ensure organisations can have access to the best people through our assessment and recruitment offerings. 

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