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We help you transform your content to highly engaging, visually-compelling and well-structured e-learning formats.

One of the most critical deliverables of the HR function is to build an organisation whose workforce has the key knowledge required to help the company win in the marketplace.

To continually create value, achieve high performance and win in the marketplace, there are 5 key knowledge areas that are non-negotiable:

E-learning is not the
“next big thing”, it is the
“now big thing”.

Not only does it provide organisations with the opportunity to develop and educate employees at scale, it also provides a platform to cost-effectively acculturate new and existing employees, regardless of location, time and organisations size. Beyond these, it also provides the opportunity to customize relevant content that is fun and engaging with an amazing user experience to suit their specific context.

6 Benefits of Collaborative Leadership Over Solo Leadership

Our range of digital content development services include:


Employee Induction and Policy Awareness (With Gamification)

Code Of Conduct Training

 Staff Onboarding
(With Simulation)


Our Frequently Asked Questions  

For the right purpose and the right audience, within your precious budget and set timelines, our eLearning solutions have the potential to transform your organisation.  

Yes! We offer a diverse range of custom eLearning solutions across the following areas: Curriculum & Content Curation, Instructional Design, Course Conversion, Interactive Video-based Courses as well as Content Translation & Localisation.

Yes, we design and scale training for multiple devices! Our development team just needs to know your delivery platforms upfront so they can design an optimal experience for your learners.

The estimated project timeline depends on certain factors, such as production level, type of project, style of art assets, and content readiness. After identifying your eLearning needs, we will create a detailed timeline and then present it for your approval.

Yes, we have a wealth of experience in refreshing old training courses. We remain committed to finding innovative ways to adapt content to meet your current training needs and create engaging experiences for your learners.

The custom eLearning courses we develop are compatible with 99.99% of LMS/eLearning platforms. They can be delivered in formats such as SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, xAPI, MP4, HTML5 and can be published to CDs as well. These can ride on any LMS that supports this format as well as intranet.

Yes, we do. We understand the needs of your business and your employees are unique; so, we take a more tailored approach to designing courses that suit your brand.

Absolutely! We have assembled various samples of our successfully developed courses to help demonstrate how we can assist your organisation. You can reach out to us directly if you'd like to see more.

We work with you to identify the most cost-effective execution model, subject to your business strategy and performance goals. This is because project costs depend on the complexity of the custom solution you select, the number of courses and quantity, quality and length of content to be designed, and other factors.

Our terms of service allow you to own your own files - including design and all source files.

Yes, you can. Our team dedicates a specified amount of time towards technical support, updates, or changes to training content. This ensures your courses remain current and their quality is maintained as your business evolves and regulations change.

We have a 90-day warranty period to ensure your project is faultless. In addition, we thoroughly test each project before delivering it to you. But, if your team finds any bugs, defects or errors, we will work quickly to resolve them.

Getting started with us is easy.  You can simply fill out the form below to set up a meeting to discuss your learning challenges with our eLearning experts.

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