December 1, 2022 12:12 PM

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understand the 3 vital elements of talent selection webinar cover image

Understanding the 3 vital elements of talent selection and how to assess for them.

With the great attrition affecting every industry, talent selection, more than before, has gotten to a point where it has to be more predictable. Making a talent selection decision is very critical to the success of any organization. Whether you are bringing in new employees to join your organization or making internal placement, you cannot afford to make a subjective decision.

5 Effective Ways to Use Assessment to Boost Employee Retention

Talent Retention is one of the most critical elements in the employee life cycle. These days, many organisations are faced with a big challenge when it comes to retaining their key employees. They are scrambling to put into place practices that will help them keep their best talent.

Design Thinking and Innovation for Businesses

How do innovators fill gaps and needs in people’s lives? One fundamental skill they possess is empathy development. Design thinking as an innovative methodology is based on empathy, which helps to redefine problems, uncover space for ideation and multiple iterations of prototypes leading to innovation.