Strategies for Identifying High Potentials Within the Organisation

With the ongoing talent scarcity, identifying High Potentials within the organisation is more crucial than ever
80% of organisational output can be attributed to the output of 20% of the workforce, according to the Harvard Business Review. This statistic further proves that among your employees, there are people who show more potentials through their performance than others. These employees are referred to as High Potential Employees. The talent market is fierce and competitive. Therefore, identifying High Potentials within the organisation takes more significance.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

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Identification of high-potential employees contributes significantly to an organisation’s future readiness and is thus critical to the overall organisational strategy. Identifying, developing, and retaining future potentials can significantly improve an organisation’s ability to deal with current and future transitions. Identification of high-potential employees must be driven by a comprehensive view of performance while taking into account a thorough understanding of a person’s future role in the organisation.

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