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Workforce Group Hosts the Top Talent Graduate Trainee Programme 2023 [6th Edition]

The Top Talent Graduate Trainee Programme has been on an incredible journey since its inception in 2017. This distinctive initiative by Workforce Resourcing, the Recruitment and Assessment arm of Workforce Group, has been committed to bridging the gap between promising graduate talent and the opportunities they deserve, all while simplifying the talent acquisition process for organizations in Nigeria. 

In our most recent edition of the programme, held on October 7th, 2023, we continued to focus on our core mission. With a dedicated approach to connecting the dots between exceptional graduates and industries hungry for their unique skills, this year’s programme took aim at the financial services, FMCG/Manufacturing, and technology sectors. 

This edition saw 16 prominent organizations from diverse industries come together to meet with the top 5% of Sales, Engineering and Tech talent. These organisations included 21st Century Evolution Systems Limited, 2AM Tech Limited, Airtel, AXA Mansard Insurance Plc, First City Monument Bank Limited, GB FOODS, Jubaili Bros Engineering, Lotus Bank, Opay Nigeria, POLARIS BANK, SecureID, and Zedcrest Group. Others were Lines and Pegs, Avon HMO, Rand Merchant Bank and Enov8 Solutions 

The day began with a warm welcome to all participating organizations. A brief intermission allowed for networking. Attendees had the chance to connect on a more personal level, sharing experiences and insights. exceptional graduate talents

The spotlight then shifted to the stars of the show – the exceptional graduate talents who had been meticulously pre-screened and were ready to embark on their professional journeys. Their passion, determination, and potential were on full display. 

The Director of Workforce Resourcing delivered a brilliant opening speech, highlighting the impact of this programme since 2017 on both graduate talent and employers, and the significance of connecting top talent with organizations. In his speech, he emphasised how investing in Graduate Trainee Programmes is vital to the success of any organisation. 

He also emphasised the importance of leveraging talent assessments to find candidates who are not only technically brilliant, but have the right qualities and behavioural attributes to fit in and thrive in any organisation. 

Each participating organization had the opportunity to present their unique value propositions and what they were seeking in top talent candidates. It was a remarkable moment as they shared their vision and the roles they were looking to fill. 

The structure of the interviews was unveiled, ensuring a transparent and fair process for both candidates and organizations. It set the stage for insightful conversations. 

The heart of the event, the interview sessions, provided a platform for candidates and organizations to engage in meaningful discussions. Candidates showcased their technical and behavioural skills, while organisations sought the best fits for their teams.  

As the day ended, the atmosphere was filled with a sense of accomplishment. The event had delivered on its promise of connecting top talent with the organizations that would shape their futures. 

The programme concluded with participating organizations sharing their feedback and testimonials. They expressed their satisfaction with the well-organized event and the quality of the candidates they had the privilege of meeting. 

‘The programme was well-coordinated and result-oriented’, remarked Noze-Otote Nosakhare, the Head of Human Resources at GB Foods. 

‘The candidates I met were generally appear vibrant and enthusiastic, and we will like to have further conversations with them to see the possibility of joining our organisation’, remarked Muneer Fashola, the Head of Talent Acquisition at AXA Mansard. 

The Top Talent Graduate Trainee Programme 2023 was a success, leaving a lasting impact on all who attended. It served as a testament to the power of connecting top talent with the organisations that value their potential, ultimately driving growth and innovation in the Nigerian job market. 

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