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A Survey of Top Executives on Their 2022 Business Priorities

Corporate strategies sometimes fail because they are highly introspective (inwards focused), overlooking valuable insight from customers, business partners and competitors. In today’s dynamic and rapidly changing business environment, leaders can no longer adopt an inside-out approach to strategy. Overlooking/ignoring valuable insights from the marketplace creates costly blind spots that could leave your organisation perpetually on the defensive and vulnerable to structural changes emanating from your business environment.

Workforce Group took the liberty to survey Executives’ perspectives across six key sectors to determine their organisation and Industry focus/priorities for 2022. Our question was, “Based on the Macroeconomic realities, what would be the top priorities of businesses in your industry for 2022?”.

We have aggregated the Executive responses providing a useful benchmark for organisations’ concerns, priorities, and potential action across six (6) key industries that could represent some of your supplies, customers, business partners, or competitors.
A Survey of Top Executives on Their 2022 Business Priorities