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What is Outwork?

Outwork is a mobile technology platform that features a crowd sourced on demand. The app provides workers to help execute tasks so organisations can focus on their innovation and growth. These workers are known as Outworkers. Read more

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How Learning Managers Can Assure Success

There are key steps Learning Managers must incorporate to assure success. They are:

1. Create awareness for ROI in the organisation

For a successful implementation,it is important to create awareness and carry all stakeholders along, this forms part of the cultural change process.

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Introducing HR Mentor

According to the Cambridge dictionary, mentoring is the activity of supporting and advising someone with less experience to help them develop in their work. Read more

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How Do You Measure ROI?

The process of measuring ROI can be summarised in these 6 steps:

#1. Define the business need

Whether it is to improve the skill of the sales force in closing new deals or their ability to manage existing relationships,

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Learning Without Limits

Develop your people and boost your business performance with a world-class Learning and Talent Development solution.

Making a choice on what LMS is best suited for your employees’ learning needs remains a real challenge for many HR executives in organisations. Also, the perception that e-learning is boring, difficult to use for busy, on-the-go executives and less tech-savvy individuals are realities that also present a challenge to learning and development.


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Strategic Talent Assessments: 5 Reasons Why It Is Critical To Business Growth

Organisations who want to fast-track business growth and sustain competitive advantage must hire talented professionals, retain the best talent, and consistently improve the quality of their workforce.

However, accomplishing these tasks can be daunting in the daily sprint to satisfy the customer and meet deadlines and benchmarks. To ensure employee development and the resulting service excellence across the organisation, more businesses are turning to strategic talent assessments. Read more