Organisational Assessment

Our assessment model reduces the complexity of an organisation to key capabilities that must be understood and aligned for business. Consistent review of these capabilities enables the organisation to identify what is working and what is not, and to initiate course-corrective actions where necessary.

In addition, we help organisations assess the effectiveness of their leadership and to make the right improvements necessary for creating and maintaining competitive advantage.

Strategy Planning Retreat And Execution Management

We are positioned as Nigeria’s premier firm for planning and facilitating high impact strategy retreats. Our team of professionals utilise proven strategy tools in analysing and understanding the internal and external realities of your business, in order to develop a customised strategy that adequately addresses the unique requirements of your organisation.

We don’t stop there; we have a track record of helping our clients bridge the execution gap by working with them to establish Performance Management Systems for effective implementation, tracking and evaluation.


Organisation Transformation

We collaborate with clients to envision, plan and implement enterprise-wide transformation initiatives. Our solution adopts a systematic and participatory process that facilitates organisational change and improves the alignment between business strategy and the components that drive its execution – people, processes and systems.

HR Transformation

Our HR Transformation solutions are designed to assist clients with strategic integration of effective HR processes, programmes and practices to create a competitive advantage that is hard to duplicate.

We focus specifically on diagnosing Human Capital issues within the organisation, then designing and developing programmes to improve workforce performance.

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