Research shows that few organisations have a clearly articulated strategy that drives success in an evolving economic landscape. And those that do are plagued by inability to effectively execute.

At Workforce Advisory, we provide organisations with the insight, methodologies, framework and tools necessary to successfully execute their business strategy. Our uniqueness derives from our commitment to providing our clients with end-to-end support from the design and execution of game changing strategic plans, to the delivery of tangible results. No matter the challenge, our clients rely on us to help them identify high-value opportunities and strategies that ensure sustainable value creation in the areas of strategy, organisational design and human resources.

We have five dedicated units through which we provide our clients with consulting services that drive their business growth – Strategy Academy, Strategy Retreat Planning & Execution Management, Organisation Assessment, Organisation Transformation and HR Consulting.

What makes Workforce Advisory unique?

We pride ourselves on implementable solutions that help our clients achieve long-term benefits because we see make it a point of seeing viewing businesses through their eyes. We are deeply invested in our clients and regularly engage our Senior Leadership Team, including the Lead Consultant, to advise and partner with our clients.

Our extensive experience within Human Resources, our strategic positioning as thought leaders and the advantages of our multi-dimensional Group enables us to bring to the table a depth of expertise that cannot be easily matched.

Quick Facts

Our capabilities across the key areas of strategy and human resource consulting make us the preferred choice of various leading organisations for strategy retreat planning and facilitation, execution management, organisational assessment, organisation design and transformation, competency modelling, business process design and transformation, and performance management.

With over six years of corporate experience, we have an impressive record of client retention and business continuity.

As the founder of the first Strategy Academy in Nigeria, we continue to consolidate our position as the country’s leading firm for strategy design, execution and education.

Our wide expanse of expertise across various sectors of the economy enables us to provide our clients with bespoke solutions that speak directly to their scenario and are relevant in their industry.

Our Capabilities

The Strategy Academy enables Managers and Executives to develop fundamental strategic thinking, planning and execution skills. We teach managers and business owners how to develop winning strategies, anticipate economic trends and confidently take the right steps towards implementation. Our key offerings include Fundamentals of Strategy, Strategic Thinking Skills & Tools, Strategic Planning Skills, Execution Skills, Blue Ocean Strategy and Balanced Scorecard.

Our assessment model reduces the complexity of an organisation to key capabilities that must be understood and aligned for business. Consistent review of these capabilities enables the organisation to identify what is working and what is not, and to initiate course-corrective actions where necessary.

In addition, we help organisations assess the effectiveness of their leadership and to make the right necessary for creating and maintaining competitive advantage. Our key offerings include Organisational Capability Audit, Organisational Effectiveness Audit and Leadership Effectiveness Assessment.

We are positioned as Nigeria’s premier firm for planning and facilitating high impact strategy retreats. Our team of professionals utilise proven strategy tools in analysing and understanding the internal and external realities of your business, in order to develop a customised strategy that adequately addresses the unique requirements of your organisation.

We don’t stop there; we have a track record of helping our clients bridge the execution gap by working with them to establish Performance Management Systems for effective implementation, tracking and evaluation.

We collaborate with clients to envision, plan and implement enterprise-wide transformation initiatives. Our solution adopts a systematic and participatory process that facilitates organisational change and improves the alignment between business strategy and the components that drive its execution – people, processes and systems.

Our key offerings include Sales Force Effectiveness, Organisational Re-design, Culture Transformation and Business Process Re-engineering.

StratOrg’s HR Transformation solutions are designed to assist clients with strategic integration of effective HR processes, programmes and practices to create a competitive advantage that is hard to duplicate.

We focus specifically on diagnosing Human Capital issues within the organisation, then designing and developing programmes to improve workforce performance. Our key offerings include Leadership Capability, Talent Management, Employee Engagement, Workforce Adaptability, Workforce Performance, Human Capital Efficiency and Change Management.