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Goal-oriented organisations need the right insight, methodologies, framework and tools necessary to execute their business strategy successfully.
Workforce Advisory is the Business Management and Human Resource Consulting arm of Workforce Group; Nigeria’s premier human resources services provider.
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We provide support to organisations and businesses across diverse businesses, in the area of strategy, organisation design and human resource consulting. Our uniqueness derives from our unwavering commitment to follow through and support our clients in executing game-changing strategic plans to deliver tangible results through people and processes.

It is one thing to be able to identify a particular HR problem and solve it, it’s another to possess deep domain experience within the Human Resources space and the unique ability required to understand the peculiar HR needs of organisations and deploy cutting edge, innovative and effective solutions to solve them.

As thought leaders who provide truly integrated Business and Workforce solutions, we consistently bring to bear a breadth and depth of partnership that cannot be easily matched.

Our context-sensitive and value-laden HR solutions are tailored to your specific human resource challenges. Over the past decade, our experienced team have collaborated with clients across a variety of industries to design and develop an effective organisation through the successful execution of HR strategies that align with company goals.

Research shows that few organisations have a clearly defined strategy that drives success in an evolving and uncertain economic landscape, and those who do are plagued by the inability to effectively execute their strategy.

Even though strategy retreats or strategy planning sessions are an effective leadership management tool, they are commonly abused.

According to a Harvard Business Review survey, on the average, companies deliver only 63% of the financial performance their strategies promised. More discomforting is that most executives surveyed place the figure at less than 50%.

At Workforce Advisory, we deploy the question-based approach to strategy retreat planning and execution management. Our tried and tested five-step framework for planning and correctly executing a strategy retreat are critical success factors that put an end to your hitherto tedious and unsuccessful strategy retreats.

As a knowledge-based professional services firm, we understand the critical role of strategy to the success of any organisation. Therefore, we play a pivotal role in assisting individuals and organisations to achieve their goals using the right strategy.

Workforce Strategy Academy equips you with the integrated and practical knowledge needed to build competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our learning methods are well thought out, competently-designed and have been successfully implemented over time.

We are focused on conducting programmes that build organisations and fast track the development of their workforce as well as entrepreneurs, leaders, and managers, with the sole aim of helping them become seasoned strategists

Every organisation desires to gain competitive advantage in their industry; to fulfill this objective, they are always looking to evolve and adapt their processes and procedures to align with the current realities of the marketplace.

Workforce Advisory has garnered the cognate experience, skills and expertise required to conduct a thorough assessment of your organisation. Our organisational assessment is a diagnostic tool that will assist your organisation in identifying those factors that hinder your progress. Through rigorous analysis and a systematic process, we evaluate your business and help you position accordingly, especially with respect to competition.

Whether you are interested in conducting a self-assessment, an external assessment or a combination of both, our methodologies and frameworks have been tested and proven over time and will give you a better understanding of how your business should run and what you can do to achieve your strategic goals as an organisation.

A cut-throat economy, fierce competition, demanding customers and a hard-to-retain workforce are all realities of the modern day business landscape. Against the backdrop of these factors, organisations must not only find a way to survive, but must do all they can to thrive if they are to achieve set goals and objectives.

As their systems and processes become outdated and less suitable to the evolving work environment, organisations will need to make some major changes in order to adapt to these changes.

Workforce Advisory transforms your business systems by redesigning, re-engineering and redesigning with a view to making them more flexible, customer focused and technology driven in order to increase your productivity. We take your organisation through an end-to-end transformation process that aligns its internal and external processes and positions it to play to win in the marketplace.

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