Becoming a High-performance Business & HR Professional
Every successful Business and HR Professional has answered these two questions at some point in their life: How do I advance from average achievements into high performance? And how do I stay there?

The answers to these questions have helped many professionals achieve high performance and sustain it for several years, while others continue to admire it from the sidelines.
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High-performance is the only strategy in the world that gives a direct, distinct and lasting improvement effect on individuals and organizations regardless of sector, industry or country. It brings greater creativity, better execution, more job satisfaction, increased productivity, freedom, and consistent results.

Join Bolaji Olagunju, Executive Chairman of Workforce Group, as he reveals how top Business & HR professionals can drive business results to become the most distinguished in their industry in the 5-day workshop series.

Date: 5th – 9th, July 2021

Time: 12 – 1pm daily (WAT)

Venue: Zoom – access available to only registered BHR community members
During this 5-day Workshop series, Bolaji will share:

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