Employee costs from payroll and other benefits are significant expenses in all organisations and are often the highest expense in service businesses. The payroll function is also probably the only function that affects every employee. Therefore, payroll management is a critical strategic skill that requires an in-depth understanding of statutory compliance, detailed tax knowledge and a highly efficient and organised system that can be relied on to minimise errors and maximise value.

Business leaders need to ensure that their payroll teams are equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge, and techniques to perform their duties to the highest standard. In addition, business professionals saddled with payroll responsibility should fully comprehend what it entails to manage an organisation’s payroll, generate insights, mitigate risks and ensure total compliance in line with the peculiarities of the organisation and country.

The ever-changing regulatory landscape demands that businesses and payroll professionals constantly update their knowledge, adopt best practices and establish a truly strategic payroll structure.

Whether you are part of an existing in-house payroll system, sourcing for a new local country payroll provider, expanding your business to Nigeria or seeking to establish an in-house payroll system from scratch, this certified payroll professionals programme will introduce you to the Nigerian payroll system, teach you to manage end-to-end payroll computation, equip you to establish and monitor security procedures, ensure you comply with payroll legislation and generate valuable insights from your payroll data.

This programme is specially designed to enable you to become a truly strategic and compliant payroll professional while designing an efficient and high performing payroll system.

Date: February 22nd – 23rd, 2022
Duration: 2 days
Course: Certified Payroll Professional Workshop (Virtual)
Time: 9:00am – 1:00pm daily (4hours per day)
Cost: ₦150,000

Objectives of the certified payroll professional programme include:

This payroll course is ideal for:

Speakers Section

Lagbaja Tamedo

Global Head of Talent, XYZ Nigeria

Lagbaja Tamedo

Global Head of Talent, XYZ Nigeria

Course Syllabus

The payroll course has four modules that cover several key aspects of payroll:

Payroll Essentials

This module covers the essentials of payroll computation, risk evaluation, setting proper controls, payroll schedules and approvals, budgeting, auditing the payroll and managing payroll process for full-time employees, temporary help, contract professionals and others.
Module 1

Statutory Compliance

This module deep dives into payroll and the Nigerian legislative landscape, tax considerations, reporting to regulatory bodies, record keeping requirements, taxable benefits and allowances, Nigerian tax tables, statutory deductions, PAYE and insurance, completing payroll procedures, etc.
Module 2

Designing sustainable payroll systems

This module covers payroll management to effectively handle dispute resolution, expatriates, irregular earnings, correct errors, recovering payments, managing documentation, recording and reporting expense and liabilities and payroll tools and technology.
Module 3

The strategic payroll manager

This module explores how to conduct cost centre analysis, design pay-for-performance strategies, manage total rewards and leverage intangibles to create value, measure the effectiveness of variable pay plans, analyse the performance of internal and external payroll audits, draw insights from various reports, safeguard financial resources , etc.
Module 4

At the end of this course, participants will be equipped to:


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Structure and training journey

The live online session would feature the following

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