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[Slideshare] Cracking The 'Employee Accountability Management' Code.

Do you sometimes wonder why some employees are okay with consistent low performance?

How well do you hold your team accountable for their results? Are you unconsciously creating a team of low and mediocre performers?

Accountability in the workplace is essential to your company culture – not just for all team members but for you as the leader.

Research shows that leaders of top-performing organisations ensure that all employees are accountable for all assigned projects and tasks. When leaders put the right structures in place, people accept responsibility for their actions or decisions without prompting or pointing fingers when things go wrong.

In truth, when leaders put the work in to create a culture of accountability, employees do not feel micromanaged as there is a clear and shared understanding of milestones, status reports, escalation process and most importantly, success.

Therefore, knowing how to create a system for accountability is critical to success in today's world, especially in a world where people want to work remotely, leverage their initiative and have a sense of autonomy.
Most importantly, If employees who fail to meet organisational expectations are not routinely held accountable, it sends the message to other employees that their actions are acceptable and inadvertently punishes the superior/high performers.

As a leader, what steps are you taking to manage and improve accountability at all levels?

How do you ensure that all employees work optimally to drive your organisation’s success? 

And how do you create a culture of accountability without being seen as a “micromanager”?

How do you crack the Employee Accountability Management Code?

At Workforce Group, we help organisations create and drive a culture of accountability from selecting and recruiting the right people to effective management of all outsourced staff, and equipping leaders with the talent management practices and workforce tools needed to drive a productive, high-performance and engaged workforce, We undisputedly help our clients foster a culture of accountability in their teams.

Create an accountable culture and empower your leaders to effectively manage your workforce by scheduling a consultation or sending an email to hello@workforcegroup.com today

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By combining best practices provided in our 8 Step-Framework, you can successfully identify, develop, retain and deploy high potential leaders to strengthen your organisation’s success.

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