eLearning Content Development for a Multinational Oil and Gas Firm

The Challenge:  

Our client, a leading indigenous provider of petroleum products and services, has been engaged in conducting repetitive instructor-led onboarding programmes. Over the years, their team has been experiencing challenges with their onboarding new hires such as maintaining consistent training quality, timing and schedule. 

Their goal was to enable employees to understand company policies and adopt them as part of the organisational culture. It’s important to them that its core values are withheld and that this reflects positively through employee behaviour and staff interactions. 

The company decided to go beyond repetitive instructor-led training sessions to speed up delivery, manage cost and free up the trainer’s time in facilitating programmes. Online training delivery seemed to be a logical and practical solution to achieve this. They decided to employ the services of an e-learning consultant. 


The client wanted a highly flexible yet compelling training programme for their staff. The ability to respond rapidly, display flexibility and generate ideas aligned to their needs was all critical selection criteria.  Additionally, the training courses had to have a unique look and feel. 

Bearing these in mind, we leveraged our instructional design  and course development expertise to create training content that genuinely addressed these needs.  

We know that onboarding isn’t usually the most gripping topic, so the modules had to be designed as media-rich HTML5 content. They were made accessible on multiple devices with engaging features such as using short interview videos and audio narration to provide an interactive user experience.  

The developed e-learning courses created can be updated with ease using efficient production tools. This drives down maintenance costs and means in the future, if they wish to maintain their own content, they can, instead of being locked into one vendor. 

The Results   

We had fantastic feedback from the team. As a result of the successful implementation of the onboarding e-learning programme, we were further engaged to convert their Code of Conduct corporate policies to digital formats. 

Employees who participate in these programmes are impressed with the flexibility the interactive courses provide them. 

In addition, the knowledge gained from these courses has helped them feel more confident in taking their understanding of the company’s culture and policies back to the job. The new courses have also helped reduce errors and the need for repetitive training significantly. 

As a result, the firm was able to cut their time spent onboarding by nearly 90%! 

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